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Ocasio-Cortez calls out CBS News not to award a "single black journalist to cover the 2020 election"

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Alexandria Ocasio-CortezOcasio-Cortez sparks debate with talk of 70 percent marginal interest rate Nordic lessons on AOC's 70 percent tax proposal Virginia Democrat supports Green New Deal MORE (DN.Y ) CBS News criticized Saturday night for what she considered lack of diversity in her team of journalists covering the forthcoming presidential election in 2020.

"This WH administrator has made a functional understanding of race in America one of the key core competencies of a political journalist having, but [CBS News] has not assigned a * single * black journalist to cover the 2020 election, Ocasio-Cortez said in a tweet.

"Unacceptable 201

9. Try Again" Ocasio-Cortez

Her tweet was in response to another post shared by an associate producer at CBS News, Ben Mitchell, who shared a tweet showing the news agency's 2020 election group of reporters and associates.

"It's official: the @CBSNews 2020 electoral team has gathered!" Mitchell said in the tweet, which also contained a picture of 12-person media professionals.

The Newcomer of the Congress View faced a blow from Other Journalists about the criticism, including Josh Kraushaar, a political editor of the National Journal, who said the New York Democrat had "another thing" in common with President Trump [19659011] Donald John TrumpJulián Castro meets Trump in the campaign launch: "A Leadership Crisis" The Centering Again Again: Colin Powell's UN speech in "Vice" Julián Castro announces 2020 The White House's bid, swipes on Trump MORE : "media scold."

Ocasio-Cortez returned to Kraushaar in another tweet on Saturday night and said: "Or: maybe with powerful editorial positions disappear in people from a race, class or gender is not a good idea; since we get 1000% more take on "brown lady says a curse word" than a real white supremacist in the congress. "

Congress appeared to refer to data released from the liberal group Media Matters for America on Friday

Hillen reached out to CBS News.

The report showed that the democratic rep. Rashida Tlaib Rashida Harbi TlaibSteve King meets new storm over comments on white superiority GOP bollards say democratic speech that impeaching Trump is "gift" for Republicans Rubio, Tlaib trade barbs over Israel, freedom of speech MER s (Mich.) Profane promise to impeach Trump received five times more cable news coverage than Republican ropes. Steve King Steven (Steve) Arnold KingGrassley, Ernst condemns Steve King's "white supremacist" comments Steve King meets new storm over comments on white superiority Biden blasts Steve King for "white supremacist" comments MORE over his recent inflammatory comments question why te rm "white supremacist" is offensive.

However, in another tweet that answered Ocasio-Cortez, Kraushaar wrote that he thought the team's journalists saw the breed differently "at least based on [their] surnames."

But Ocasio-Cortez responded to Kraushar's reasoning in another tweet where she also claimed that "a race is It cannot be replaced by another. "

" It doesn't work like that. It's not about "quotas." It's about understanding the country you live in, "the New York Democrat added.

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