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NYC Mayor de Blasio would lose authority over NYPD according to State AG’s plan: report

The latest protests in New York City have shaken the public’s belief in the city’s police department to the point where Mayor Bill de Blasio should no longer have authority over law enforcement matters, New York’s attorney said.

“I think we need to bridge the undeniable gap between police and the public,” Letitia James told reporters, according to The New York Times.

As part of her recommendations, James called on an independent panel – not de Blasio – to appoint the city’s police commissioner and oversee hiring and firing at the NYPD.


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A spokesman for de Blasio quickly dismissed the plan from James – an ally of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who has long swept with the mayor. Both Cuomo and de Blasio are Democrats.

“While we thank the Attorney General for her investigation and look forward to reviewing the report in its entirety and working together to further reform the police work in this city, we do not believe that the creation of a commission to monitor the NYPD does,” de Blasio said. spokeswoman Freddi Goldstein told the Times.

In June, Cuomo de Blasio blasted the riots in the city, calling it a “shame” and threatening to “displace” the mayor at some point, if needed.

President Trump has also tricked de Blasio after the mayor announced plans to have “Black Lives Matter” painted on Fifth Avenue off Trump Tower – while also looking to cut $ 1 billion from the NYPD budget.

The issue of James’s report on the NYPD and her subsequent recommendations was a series of incidents that occurred during protests and riots in the city that followed George Floyd’s death on May 25 in a Minneapolis police detention center.


In one case, a NYPD officer was seen on a video shooting a young woman to the ground, resulting in her suffering a concussion. In another incident, a police officer was seen pulling down a protester’s mask before spraying him in the face. In a third incident, a police officer was seen waving a gun at a crowd after an object struck one with an officer in the head.

De Blasio’s critics also include the US rope. Lee Zeldin, RN.Y., who said during a Wednesday appearance on Fox News “Outnumbered Overtime” that the other chairman mayor “must be removed from office.”

“This is a story about two cities,” Zeldin said. “You have the direction that New York City can be filled with opportunities, it can be filled with law and order, security and security, peace and prosperity – or it’s the direction Bill de Blasio is taking away, which is chaos and lawlessness and poverty and lack of opportunities. “

De Blasio has partly blamed the surge in violence on the coronavirus pandemic, pointing to an “absence of a functioning court system” among other issues.

“But the NYPD continues to move resources where they are needed and comes up with new strategies. It is different from previous years because we are dealing with a much bigger challenge. But we will beat it,” the mayor said Wednesday.

James’ 57-sided report also calls on the NYPD to end its “kitten” practice, where officers surround protesters, then move in on them and use batons on them before arresting, the Times reported.

The report also called on the city to legalize or decriminalize smaller “quality of life” crimes, saying that many “are not already heavily enforced in predominantly white neighborhoods.”


Doing so, the report says, would reduce “unnecessary contact with the police and the criminal justice system.”

The report also urges people to stop relying on police in some cases, such as road safety, school security, homeless outreach and crisis intervention, saying that “everything must be on the table.”

De Blasio, which is legally limited to two terms of office, is scheduled to leave his office on January 1, 2022.

Fox News’ Charles Creitz and Stephanie Pagones contributed to this story.

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