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Nvidia claims a 50 percent advanced uplift in Monster Hunter: World with DLSS

Something to look forward to: For RTX owners who happen to play Capcom's hit RPG, Monster Hunter: World, there will be a new feature to play with next week in the form of Nvidia's DLSS technique. So download your card's latest drivers, slaughter some monsters and make sure you share your results with DLSS.

Nvidia's AI-driven Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) is in a similar situation as radiation: limited gaming support. However, the library with supported games is growing – slowly but surely. Capcom has now confirmed its popular RPG Monster Hunter: World will receive the Nvidia DLSS processing.

With Capcom adding DLSS support, Nvidia makes the bold statement that DLSS can "improve performance at 4K by up to 50% the most demanding moment of the game."

Nvidia claims that with the addition of DLSS, the previously undeniable 60 FPS at 4K, with max settings and high resolution texture package enabled, now possible. Nvidia adds that 30 FPS at 4K is more feasible for owners of RTX 2070 and RTX 2060, thanks to DLSS.

Monster Hunter: World also gets another DLSS function with a new depth of field. As the name suggests, the slider allows users to adjust the sharpness or softness of the image at their discretion.

Monster Hunter: The World Update that includes Nvidia DLSS support goes live on July 17th. While Nvidia claims DLSS implementation, network players will get a free performance boost, we have noticed that the upscaling technique may hit or miss depending on the game.

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