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Nuggets can have 10 percent higher risk of premature death, the study says

Nuggets, or people who are having trouble waking up in the morning, are exposed to health risks.

Do you wake a light eye and bush-tailed, greet the sunrise with joy and power? Or are you up late at night and fear the sound of your alarm clock? We call this inherent tendency to prefer certain times of your day "chronotype" (krono means time). And it could be more than a scheduling issue. It has consequences for your health, well-being and mortality.

Being a night owl has been associated with a range of health problems. For example, night owls have higher fat, high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. Nightwalls are also more prone to having unhealthy behaviors such as smoking, alcohol and drug abuse and physical inactivity.

We study the health effects of being a night owl. In our latest study published in Chronobiology International, we found even worse news for the world's owls: a higher risk of early death.

Your own biological clock

For example, like humans, we usually sleep at night, and our bodies begin to prepare for our usual bedtime, even before we go to sleep. Similarly, we eat during the day, so our body is prepared to efficiently process the food and nutrients during the day.

Our crown type is also related to our biological clock. Tomorrow's biological bells are set earlier. Their usual bedtime and wake-up times occur earlier in the day. Nightwatches have internal clocks set for later times. But are there any issues that are related to being a lark or owl, other than planning? Research suggests that there are nuggets tend to have poorer health.

And in our new study, we compared the risk of dying between nightworms and morning larchs. In this study, death certificates were collected on average 6.5 years after the first study visit to identify those who died. We found that the night had a 10 percent increased risk of death during this six and a half year period compared to the larks. We also found that owls are more likely to have a number of health problems compared to the lark, especially psychiatric disorders such as depression, diabetes and neurological disorders.

Why do night owls have more health problems?

Our researchers are not fully understood why we see more health problems in night wolves. It may be that being awake at night offers greater opportunity to consume alcohol and drugs. Some people are awake when everyone else is asleep, it can lead to feelings of loneliness and increased risk of depression. It can also be related to our biological bells.

As explained above, an important function of internal biological bells is to predict when certain things like sunrise, sleep and eating will occur. Ideally, our behavior will match both our internal clock and our environment. What happens when it does not? We suspect that "error" between the time of our internal clock and the time of our behavior can be harmful for a long time.

A night owl trying to live in a morning world will fight. Their jobs may require early hours or maybe their friends may have an early dinner, but they prefer to wake up, eat, hang out and sleep later. This error can lead to long-term health problems.

It is true that someone's "chronotype" (roughly) is half determined by its genes, but it is not completely ordained. Many experts believe there are behavioral strategies that can help an individual who prefers the evening. For example, you can gradually improve your bedtime – go to bed a little earlier every night – can help move someone out of the nugget zone. "

A gradual advance is important because if you try to go two to three hours earlier tonight, it will not work and you can give up. When you reach an earlier bedtime, you keep a regular schedule. Avoid moving later nights on weekends or days off, for then you will drive back to nightlife. Also, avoiding light at night helps, and this does not include staring in smartphones or tablets before bed.

On a broader scale, the flexibility of working hours help to improve the health of the nightwaters. Nightwatches that can schedule their day to match their chronotype may be better.

It is important to make nightwolves aware of the risks associated with their chronotype and to give them this tutorial on how to We must identify which strategies will work best to alleviate health risks and understand exactly why they have island risking these health problems.

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