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Notre Dame's Brian Kelly reveals Irish advantages with starting quarterback

ATHENS – Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly believes his quarterback will be the best Saturday night against a talented, but "not very complicated" Georgia defense.

"(Ian Book) had a good week of training, he will play really well against Georgia," Kelly said in his radio show on Thursday night. "" You will see the best of Ian Book in Athens . ”

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The No. 3-ranked Bulldogs (3-0) are a two-touchdown favorite over Irish No. 7, but you never would Know That It Listens To The Safe Kelly.

Seeing Advantages

Georgia's massive offensive line, averaging 6 foot-5 and 329 pounds per man, is thought by many to rank among the best in college football [19659002] Kelly has stated throughout the week that he is not too worried about how his line of defense matches up.

"It's an advantage for us," Kelly said. "We play these teams that are oblique and angular, and we haven't been particularly good with oblique and angled teams, so we know where they are, and that's a good thing "[19659002] Kelly has been free with Georgia QB Jake Fromm throughout the week, but he is confident of Notre Dame's pass rush and pass defense.

"We are certainly a top-down defense, but what we are better at this year is that we hit the outside, and pass rushing forces the ball out of your hands so fast that the routes do not develop to the upper end," said Kelly, whose Irish is ranked third in the nation in pass efficiency defense.

"A lot of the interceptions, the route has not been completed, so we get to the ball before the route is complete. When we can do that we may be able to undercut routes and not cheat on things. We will get to the quarterback before he can come through his progression. "

Simple Georgia

Kelly pointed out how simple the Georgia offense is, a necessity because young recipients are still learning their missions.

"They just keep it offensive, they sit in zones and take pictures because they want to get their receivers to grow," Kelly said. "It's a young group, extremely talented, and they come on, and they will be very good offensively as these receivers continue to mature.

"They gave them some very simplified fitting concepts early on, they did a great job with them, and we have to do a good job against them."

The crowd is a factor, so Notre Dame entered its new football building this week and turned the noise into 107 decibels. [19659002] Kelly is convinced that the book's ability to communicate and adapt to Georgia's uncomplicated defense system can provide a winning advantage.

Action Sanford Stadium

"How to silence a great crowd, you score points and get ahead, "Kelly said. But if they're in the game and it's a close game, you have to communicate effectively.

" We can't get into our process and our moves, like I think can drum up a lot of the things Georgia can do, unless we communicate effectively. "

While public noise seems to be Kelly's biggest concern for his offense, tocus and gap integrity are the two areas Kelly emphasized on defense.

" If you get distracted for a second against Georgia, they have a guy named D & # 39 "Andre Swift, and he'll run past you if you don't fit the A-gap," Kelly said. "You have to fit every game and every game has to be 11 players playing together."

Beyond that, it's just a matter of playing Notre Dame football, the Irish who are used to setting stadium records (this will be the 10th time) wherever they go.

"Play fast, play for free, be aggressive … you don't go down there to play conservative football," said Kelly, 23-17 against the Top 25 team at Notre Dame but 0-4 against five top opponents.

"There is no print. We play in so many (big games) … and understand that as you walk down the road it is one game at a time and you have to be patient. Very rarely do these games win early, they win late. "

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