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Notre Dame four: Live updates


This week, Holy Week is when millions of Western Christians mark the death and resurrection of Jesus. Under normal circumstances, the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris had prepared itself to show its holy relics to the believers on Good Friday.

But as fire set up the sacred site on Monday, Catholics all over the world reacted in horror and disbelief, especially when the cathedral's iconic sprout merged with the flames.

For several generations, Notre Dame has been a place of pilgrimage and prayer, and although religion in France has declined for decades, it was still the striking heart of French Catholicism,

About the Cathedral : Notre Dame is not a parish church, which means it does not have a regular body of worshipers who "belong" to the church. But it is still the home church of Paris Archbishop Michel Aupetit and draws Catholics for vespers (evening prayers), masses and the sacrament of reconciliation, also known as Penance.

And every year during Holy Week, Notre Dame reveals some of the most sought after relics of Christianity. Among them is the holy crown, which is believed by many to be from the crown of the thorns placed on the head of Jesus. Catholics have prayed with the holy crown for more than 1

6 centuries, according to the cathedral.

Notre Dame reckons with his other treasures two other relics linked to Holy Week: A fragment of the Cross-tree, which many believed to be part of the "true cross" on which Jesus was crucified. and one of the nails that the Romans used to crucify Jesus.

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