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Norwich alderwoman opens up about opioid addiction News

NORWICH, CT (WFSB) – A woman is sharing her story about drug addiction in hopes or savings lives.

"I have my trust in my physician and my pharmacist. , "Said Joanne Philbrick, Norwich Alderwoman.

But Joanne Philbrick is open and honest about her addiction to opioids.

] "I never once got high from the oxycodone. When I took the pills it would mean I could do things like vacuum, ”said Philbrick.

She is also an alderwoman for the town of Norwich.

This week at a council meeting, she went public with her addiction. 19659002] It started when she fell and broke her femur

Her doctor prescribed oxycodone for pain, 84 pills for one week.

Philbrick said she only took one or two a day, far less than the 1

2 per day

"She said," There's something wrong with you. "I told you what medications I was taking and she said," you're a drug addict. " said, "Philbrick.

Her daughter noticed she was having trouble with words and she was feeling sick.

" Went to the emergency room. The doctor asked what medications I was taking. I was charged with oxycodone for my femur and he was going through withdrawal, ”Philbrick said.

An addict going through withdrawal, hard to believe and even more surprising.

methadone, in-patient treatment. But he said unfortunately there are no beds for elderly people, "said Philbrick.

No place to go, she did it cold turkey at home. Philbrick knew to cure her addiction she had to get rid of the pills.

Many police departments have containers where you can dispose of pills 24/7. CT, 90 percent of all overdoses are related to opioids.

That number has gone up every year.

Since this past, 866 people have died with 150 tests pending.

She lost 40 pounds in just three weeks and she now needs to get around but has a strong message.

"I hope it saves one person and stops them from being ashamed or embarrassed. For families to be supportive, for the pharmacies, they've created this problem, "Philbrick said.

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