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Youngest in siblings? You give your older siblings better health!

There are researchers at the University of Michigan who have looked at the connection between getting smaller siblings before the age of six and overweight.

Youngest is best

The results show that children who do not have siblings or just older siblings when they start school have three times as much chance of being overweight as the children who had younger siblings.

Authors of the study said the pediatrician Julie Lumeng following the results of the Huffington Post,

"The research shows that younger siblings – compared to having older or no siblings – are related to lower risk of obesity"

Reason for concern

There may be several reasons for this. The authors of the study suggest that parents adapt how they feed their children when they become siblings and that children who get younger siblings participate in more active play.

The hope is that the study will help parents avoid children becoming overweight. 1

9659008] – Overweight among children is still a major cause for concern, Lumeng explains.

She believes that if a sister or brother's birth changes the behavior of the families in a way that protects against obesity, one can find patterns that other families can use in their homes.

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