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UDI with turnaround: May stay in Norway

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The case is updated

On Saturday, Aftenposten wrote about the deportation decision of toddler mother Mahsa Aghabararian, who was to be sent out of Norway despite still breastfeeding her six-month-old daughter. The reason was that she had, among other things, set up an individual company to work as a dentist. Now the UDI reverses the decision and allows the 32-year-old to stay in the country.

UDI will review internal guidelines

UDI director Frode Forfang has sent Aftenposten comments regarding the matter by e-mail.

Forfang informs that the decision has been reversed. The rationale is that “the best interests of the child should outweigh the breach of the Immigration Act in this case. In this case, it was not deliberately false information to the authorities, and the totality of the case indicates that deportation is too strict. ”

Furthermore, the director writes that the UDI will review its internal guidelines for discretion in deportation cases affecting children. According to Forfang, it is about how the best interests of the child should be weighed against the gravity of the violation of the Immigration Act. With this, the UDI wants to ensure that the best interests of the child are "properly balanced within the current regulations".

Points out that the regulations are strict

Forfang further emphasizes that it is nevertheless important to be aware that the regulations are strict and that therefore deportation decisions that affect children and which for many will appear unreasonable.

According to Forfang, the Aghabararians case differs from most deportation cases in which children are affected because it often can be blamed for violations of the Immigration Act, for example by providing deliberately false information or about violating the Criminal Code.

Forfang finishes his email reminding that in all cases concerning deportation free legal aid is given and that the cases can be tried in two instances.

Wide support

After the case became known, the small family has received broad political support from politicians both inside and outside government. "Unreasonable", "rigid" and "spin game" were among the reactions that came from the political side. Many people also commented on the expulsion decision on social media.

On Sunday, UDI Director Frode Forfang went on Twitter and announced that the UDI would make a new assessment of the case already on Monday.

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