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Two tourists arrested after a drone flight near the military base – NRK Hordaland – Local news, TV and radio

Just before 10 o'clock Sunday morning, the Western Police District was notified of illegal drone flight at Haakonsvern in Bergen West.

Haakonsvern is the Navy's main base and one of Northern Europe's largest maritime military bases.

a drone that flew near the naval base and bus station around.

Tourists in their 30s arrested

– The people arrested are both in their 30s. They were arrested and reported for illegal use of drones, says Operation Tenant Bjarte Rebnord in the West Police District.

Police first reported the section on Twitter at 11:30 pm on Sunday evening, more than twelve hours after the incident.

In the twitter message, the police rule out that there is talk of espionage.


1; I can't answer questions about it when I don't know the case. I have to bring a visa to the prosecutor or Bergen West police station that has the case.

The operations manager will not reveal which country the tourists come from. It is also not clear if video footage was made in connection with the flight.

– The drone was confiscated and the tourists were fined, says Rebnord

The tourists were later released on Sunday

  Three frigates at Haakonsvern

FREGATTAR: Three frigates at Haak naval base. Stock Photo.

Photo: Hommedal, Marit / NTB scanpix

Military police seized

It is illegal to fly drones in military facilities. The National Insurance Agency has published a digital map with 239 red dots showing how the Armed Forces have their facilities. The military base at Haakonsvern is located on a peninsula, where the entire area is marked as a prohibition area.

According to Rebnord, the police logist says nothing about how the tourists stood when driving the drone.

The defense confirms the incident Sunday morning. It was the military police in the city who arrested the tourists.

– Hendinga got two people arrested by the military police in the Haakonsvern area. Saka is now with the police, says Ivar Moen, colonel and spokesman at the Swedish Defense Forces operational headquarters.

In addition, the armed forces are showing further comments to the police.

In September, the armed forces marked that the submarine is 110 years open day aboard KNM Utsira in Bergen. But more Norwegians came on board. The Armed Forces demanded ID and stated that it was difficult to be sure that foreign nationals provided correct identification.

In addition, the commander of the Norwegian submarine weapons, Commander Oliver Berdal, said that the armed forces "want to protect our boats from spying".

The chief of operations refers to Bergen West police station in questions about who gets the police to refuse spying.

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