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Toyota wants to the moon

Toyota is going to make a hydrogen car that is not just out of another world – it actually goes to another world.

What in all days has Toyota found on now? They should actually make a lunar rover, that is, a vehicle to roll around on the moon.

No, it is not an early April or something like that.

The world's largest car brand has entered into a contract with Japan's National Space Research Organization JAXA about delivering a rover designed for driving around the moon.

– The automotive industry has long been running business with the "home country" in mind, said Toyota president Akio Toyoda.


1; But from now on, in view of global climate challenges , we must now think of the concept of "home planet", where we all live, for this becomes an important concept.

Toyota, which has so far been very lukewarm for electric cars, will thus help save the earth.

It also includes researching extraterrestrial environments, and international space travel is an important point in the climate battle.

Japan's response to NASA, JAXA, is very young and was established only 15 years ago. But now they feel adults are enough to help out in space, and will develop technology for international space travel.

One thing they intend to help with is so-called robbers, these vehicles that can roll around in alien worlds like the moon and March 19659003

Building a rover is quite a task.

– The gravity of the moon is one sixth of it on earth. And then the moon has a complex terrain with crater, rocks and hills. Furthermore, the environment is exposed to radiation and temperature conditions that are much tougher than those on earth. As well as an ultra-high vacuum environment, the vice president of JAXA, Koichi Wakata, says.

– For a far-reaching human exploration of the moon, a rover who can travel more than 10,000 kilometers in such environments is a necessity. Toyota's space mobility concept meets such requirements. Toyota and JAXA have jointly studied the concept of a manned rover since May 2018, he adds.

Toyota's vice president Shigeki Terashi looks forward to the challenge.

– We can relate new technology to electrified cars , as fuel cells, and technology we use for autonomous cars, in such a moon project. Toyota believes that if we are to achieve a sustainable mobility community on earth, it will involve widespread use of electrified vehicles, such as hybrid, rechargeable hybrid, battery powered and fuel cell electric. For electrification, fuel cell batteries represent an indispensable technology, he says.

Toyota, as mentioned, has been lukewarm for electric cars, but already came in 2014 with the Mirai hydrogen car.

– Fuel cell cars have a property that reduces emissions of harmful substances, and we will further develop this characteristic.

The concept for the moon car is 6 meters long, 5.2 meters wide and 3.8 meters high, about the size of two minibuses. The compartment is 13 square meters and is designed for two people (in case of emergency four people).

And yes, it is naturally operated by hydrogen.

Here are several pictures:

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