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Took the roommate on the peach with lovers

The much talked about duo Sophia Hutchins (22) and Caitlyn Jenner (70) have lived together for the past three years. During that time, they have made a number of headlines, and whether the two are actually lovers has been a hot topic.

The confusion they have largely contributed to themselves, and they have both confirmed and denied that they are in a relationship.

Ready to be alone for life

In December, Hutchins went out and put the hook on the door for the romance rumors, claiming that she and Jenner were never romantically involved. Then she thought the rumors arose because they themselves never took the newspaper from their mouths.

– Bursted into my room

She has previously said that the two are just very close friends who live together.

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However, cohabitation has not been entirely without challenges. In the podcast “Juicy scoop”, Hutchins has told about an episode that made her get enough.

– We have been forced to lock my door because Caitlyn decided to break in when I had a friend to visit, she says according to Hänt.

– She saw that there were many things that happened in one way, says Hutchins about the event in the podcast, according to the Daily Mail.

She further explains that the cohabitant knew that she had a gentleman visiting. The violation meant that Hutchins was ready to pack his bags and leave.

Commits drastically after the reality show

– It’s like living with your parents again. I felt that maybe it was time for me to move out. But I did not want to leave her and I really love living there, I have my office there.

Do not think about the age difference

The 22-year-old works as head of Jenner, something she has done in recent years. She has previously referred to the 70-year-old as her “soulmate”.

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Their close relationships and large age differences have of course attracted attention, something they have also commented on.

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– I do not see the age limit in our relationship. I see us as two souls who fit perfectly and I feel blessed because we found each other and that we can be so supportive of each other in everything we do, Hutchins has previously said.

Answers fans after wild comparison

Looked up to Jenner

Caitlyn has been open to being transsexual and has shared her story of gender reassignment in both a book and her own TV series.

Hutchins, for her part, is said to have changed gender when she went to high school, and has told the school newspaper Pepperdine Graphic that the TV star was her inspiration.

– It became more real for me when ordinary and successful people do it, and people think it’s okay, she should have said.

MANAGER: Sophia Hutchins works as the manager of the former Olympic hero.  Photo: NTB scanpix
MANAGER: Sophia Hutchins works as the head of the former Olympic hero. Photo: NTB scanpix Show more

Caitlyn Jenner was previously married to Kris Jenner (62). They have children Kendall (22) and Kylie (20). Both parents have children from previous relationships, and the world has become acquainted with the family through the TV series “Keeping up with the Kardashians”.

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