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The Fall Guys launch exceeded the developer’s wildest expectations

Update 13:30: Fall Guys reached 1.5 million players in the first 24 hours of the game. It reports the developer Mediatonic on Twitter.

The team is now working on the first update for the game, with adjustments based on feedback and ideas from players.

The original case follows.

The scary Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout got its official launch on Tuesday and has quickly become popular. In fact, much more popular than the developer had expected.

As Mediatonic reported on Twitter, the number of players reached 1

20,000 in just a few hours, far beyond the team’s wildest predictions. The big rush was too much for the game’s servers, and the developer had to turn off matchmaking altogether to expand capacity.

Now everything seems to work better again, but on Steam Mediatonic warns that players can still get into trouble.

Who lives the longest?

In Fall Guys, 60 players fight to be the last left after a series of crazy challenges. For example, you have to go through obstacle courses, play football or collect eggs. Some of the challenges are team-based, while others are individual and the ones you get vary from time to time.

Fall Guys is available on PC and PlayStation 4 – for free if you have a PlayStation Plus subscription. Whether it will be for Xbox One or Nintendo Switch is not confirmed, but Mediatonic has indicated that launch on several platforms in the future.

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