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Tax Curl for Jan Eggum – The Kemneren pledged to Oslo apartment

In 2002, Jan Eggum (67) and his then girlfriend Kaia Huuse bought an apartment in Uranienborg in Oslo. The artist couple went separate in 2014 after being together for 18 years, but have kept the apartment in Oslo.

Mortgage of half a million

Thursday last week Kemneren took in Bergen pledged NOK 530,000 in Eggum's half of the dwelling, writes Dagens Næringsliv.

The Kemner office does not want to comment on the cause, but Eggum's agent Sigve Prestnes explains to the newspaper that it is a tax claim that has come as a result of a Incomplete reporting of turnover by a former accountant.

Prestnes says the tax claim has now been settled.

Eggum writes in a text message to Dagbladet that he agrees with the statement to his agent, and that he considers the case closed. 19659005] Last year, it was announced that Eggum has again found happiness, this time with 27-year-old nurse Trine Severinsen.

Huuse engaged in 2017 with Swedish producer and musician Johan Persso n.

Sold Bergen's residence

In September, Bergens Tidende reported that the popular artist had put up his 170 square meter house in Bergen for sale, and that he had bought one 36 square meter apartment.

He told the newspaper that he did not need as much housing in his hometown, as he only had time to be there once a week.

According to DN, the property was sold for NOK 10.1 million, almost two million less than the 67-year-old expected to get.

Neither did the tax lists give Eggum reason to jump in the ceiling, they showed a loss of NOK 816 000 for his company , Bergenstrubaduren. This despite a turnover of NOK 4.1 million last year, according to DN.

In 2018 Eggum released their first album in three years, "Everything, right now", which got Dagbladet's reviewer to roll a four on the cube.

New Norwegian musical film with songs by Jan Eggum and Havdan Sivertsen, performed by Frank Kjosås, Marion Ravn, Magnus Grønneberg, Haddy N'jie, Kjersti Elvik. Video: Monster
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