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Smaalenenes Avis – Østfold Women's Worst in the Country to Take Cancer Vaccine – The Hottest Worst

The proportion of women born in 1991 to 1996 who made use of the free HPV vaccine offer in Østfold is 45.3 per cent. In the whole country, the number is 53, writes Moss Avis.

It puts Østfold at the bottom of the statistics of how many women have vaccinated themselves. On top of the list there are counties such as Trøndelag and Sogn og Fjordane, with 61.4 and 59.8 percent coverage respectively.

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Reduced risk of cancer

Since 201

6, the HPV vaccine has been an offer to young women born in 1991 and later.

Vaccine reduces the risk of developing severe cervical cell cervical changes by around 90 percent in women which was not infected with HPV at the time of vaccination, writes the Public Health Institute.

The municipalities in Østfold are Hobøl, which appears at the bottom of the list. 34.6 percent of women have been vaccinated. The municipality in Østfold has the highest coverage rate, Marker municipality with 54, 9 percent.

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May be incomplete

FHI recalls that the statistics in the statistics bank are based on the address in the Population Register. Young women will, to a large extent, be vaccinated elsewhere than in the home municipality, for example due to schooling and study.

"Therefore, the proportion of vaccinated women in the municipality does not always provide a complete picture of the number of vaccinations carried out in each municipality," writes

– Continue to Investigate

National figures show that nearly 120,000 women born 1991 or later have received the offer of HPV vaccine during the period from 1/11/2016 and 31.10.2018.

According to FHI, Some women have HPV infection when they are vaccinated and HPV vaccine can not handle such an ongoing infection.

– Therefore, it is important that vaccinated women continue to go to the cervical cell test. The effect of vaccination will first be seen in the longer term. The best protection against cervical cancer causes one if both are vaccinated and go to cervical screening, "said Margrethe Greve-Isdahl, general practitioner at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health for the website.

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