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Several studies show that coronary artery patients get blood clots and nerve damage. Now the scientists know more about the corona virus.

Coronavirus first appeared as an influenza virus. New results show that patients suffer from stroke and nerve damage. This indicates that the virus is airborne.

Originally, academic communities believed that the corona was primarily infected with drip infection, now several studies show that the virus can be airborne. Then the virus can hang in the air and infect for hours. Ivy Ceballo / Tampa Bay Times / AP / NTB scanpix

The 55-year-old British woman had just been discharged from the coronary hospital when she began to behave strangely. She took off her protection and continued. On and off. Repeatedly.

In addition, she began hallucinating. She said she saw lions and monkeys in her house.

Another British woman (47) was lying in a hospital with headaches and numbness in her right hand. This happened a week after she had a cough and fever. A little later she became lethargic and did not respond to the contact. She must have surgery to remove the pressure in the brain.

The examples are described in a study published in the research journal Brain this week. Now researchers are trying to understand how coronaviruses affect the nervous system, why some people get blood clots and whether the virus is airborne.

– Blood clots and strokes are brand new

Before the corona eruption, the faculty of neurology at University College London recorded an average of one month a month of neurological inflammation. There are inflammations that occur in the brain, spinal cord and nervous system.

In April and May, the figure rose to two to three a week.

Then the researchers at the university set up a study. 40 covid-19 patients with meningitis, stroke, acute confusion and / or nerve damage were studied.

The picture shows a normal lung (left) and a damaged lung (right). The patient with the injured lung has covid-19. Reuters / NTB scanpix

In most patients, these conditions occurred after the coronary disease itself. According to one of the main authors of the study, this may mean a reaction to the body’s immune response to the virus.

“Slackness and numbness in the arms and legs as a result of loss of nerve fibers after a viral disease is not uncommon,” Ross Paterson told Aftenposten. He is a researcher and neurologist at University College London and is one of the main authors of the study.

– Blood clots and strokes on the other hand, it’s brand new and we don’t know yet what it comes from, says Paterson.

Deputy Director Espen Nakstad from the Directorate of Health writes in an e-mail to Aftenposten that the extent of neurological problems related to coronavirus disease is not fully mapped or published in Norway, but that it is discussed in professional environments.

Non-treatable blood clots

In Atlanta, doctors at ten different hospitals have a joint group chat where they exchange experiences about corona patients. One morning in April, there was a doctor who had a coronary artery with a blood clot. Although the patient had received blood-thinning medication, blood clots continued to form, the Washington Post writes.

It turned out not to be a single case. All doctors in the group had had coronary patients with the same symptoms.

– Whether it is the virus that does it or whether it is an immune reaction to the corona virus, I do not know yet, says Ørjan Olsvik.

He is a professor of medical microbiology at the University of Tromsø.

Olsvik says that blood clots can be a result of greater tissue destruction due to coronavirus destruction in the body.

– When we get a cut in the finger, the blood reacts with coagulation. It may be what’s happening in the body, but we don’t know that yet, says Olsvik.

Think the virus is spreading through the air

One of the early signs of coronavirus spreading through small particles in the air was a very deliberate purpose of the exercise in Mount Vermont. 61 cows met for singing practice in the church that night, including one person with some cold symptoms.

Between half past seven and nine that night, they sat under the same roof and sang full throats.

A few days later, the person who tested it was just a cold for the corona. Since then, 52 others in the choir tested positive on the corona. Two of them died.

“You can be in a room with someone who is infected for ten minutes without getting infected, but after an hour you may have been exposed to enough amounts to get the virus,” Lidia Morawska said. She is a professor at an international laboratory in Brisbane.

According to researcher Lidia Morawska, a particle can be injected with the virus without being infected. It is only when you have inhaled a certain amount of virus that you become infected. Jae C. Hong / AP / NTB scanpix

Earlier this week, Morawska sent two studies showing that the corona virus is transmitted via air for approval. She also sent the studies to the World Health Organization, where, with the signature of 230 researchers, she requires that the infection tips should be changed given that the virus is airborne.

“There must be initiatives to invest in good ventilation in public buildings, regardless of the coronavirus,” she tells Aftenposten.

WHO writes in a memo Thursday that studies that have evaluated coronary outbreaks in restaurants, gyms and rehearsals show that the virus may have spread through the air.

Has mutated into a more infectious variant

The coronavirus (sars-cov-2) has mutated since it spread through the continents. This in itself is not surprising, but research indicates that it is now spreading more easily.

– All viruses appear to be mutated, as well as the corona virus as well, says Ørjan Olsvik.

It was first focused on the spread of covid-19 via contact infection, and sterilization of contact surfaces was one of infection prevention measures. Now it indicates that the virus can also transmit via small particles in the air. ISSEI KATO / Reuters / NTB scanpix

“The corona virus infects many people, makes some very sick, but the majority get mild symptoms,” he says.

Post-traumatic stress and anxiety

“I think we have to think as if our country has been involved in a small war,” Katharina Stibrant Sunnerhagen told Dagens Nyheter this week.

In Sweden, between 3000 and 4000 patients are now discharged after intensive care. Common to all of them is that they have had experience of not getting enough breathing.

– For many, this is the first time they realize they are deadly, says Sunnerhagen.

She points to a study in the Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine in which one-third of patients treated for the previous coronavirus, SARS and MERS, showed signs of post-traumatic stress disorder.

Assistant Director of the Health Directorate, Espen Nakstad, acknowledges that patients who have been admitted with covid-19 need follow-up.

– All patients who need it will be offered a rehabilitation offer after undergoing covid-19, he writes in an email to Aftenposten.

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