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Rough and quite scary to get death threats – VG

BRUTAL: Odd-Magnus Williamson makes no secret of the fact that he is upset and sad to see some of the messages his wife Tinashe receives from strangers. Photo: Ingvill Dybfest Dahl

The model and actress (35) says that she has been threatened with death twice and admits that she finds it scary.

In early July, it became known that model Tinashe Williamson (35) and artist Maria Mena (34) together visited the Greenland police station in Oslo and reported racist comments they had been subjected to.

“How can we expect children to dare to tell their parents when they experience racism, if we do not? Today we are sending a clear signal, that is enough now. Reviewed.” Williamson then wrote on his Instagram under a photo of himself and Maria Mena.

The 35-year-old tells VG that she was recently informed by the police that the report has been received and that it is being processed now.

– I am happy with the result, although it will probably be lost. It’s more about sending a signal by reporting, she thinks.

Put this? This video touches Tinashe Williamson to tears:

She has repeatedly felt hatred based on skin color near her body. She says she has also been threatened with death twice.

– It’s just over and pretty scary to get death threats. First of all, I’m scared, because you often do not know who the sender is. You get scared, upset and angry, especially because I do not want my children to experience the same thing. But for the most part, it’s just racist shit. Unfortunately, there are some idiots out there, but luckily most of them out there are nice people.

VG met Tinashe and her husband Odd-Magnus Williamson in connection with the filming of the film “Nothing to laugh at”, where “Odda”, as he is popularly called, has written the script and plays the lead role. Later, VG was able to reveal that the recording was turned on after six people on the set had been diagnosed with coronary heart disease.

Went to politics: Maria Mena and Tinashe Williamson chose in early July to report racist comments to the police – after being asked to do so by the police themselves. Photo: Maud Lervik

Odd-Magnus Williamson makes no secret of the fact that it is difficult to stand on the sidelines and watch how his wife is treated by some.

– It’s brutal. But you just have to accept that the world is screwed up that way. The strange thing is to see those who do not understand the seriousness of it. People who debate on Facebook and still use the n-word. Politicians who claim that there is no racism – it simply makes me sad.

He continues:

– There is so much racism around, and then I talk about both unintentional and intentional racism. First, we must agree that this is a problem. Unfortunately, I perceive it because many do not actually realize that it is.

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The 39-year-old notices racism in his body first and foremost through what his wife Tinashe is exposed to. And it happens often, according to the profiled actor.

– We have been together for eight years, and I have probably seen it about 50 times during these years. Serious things, about death threats and the little “innocent everyday comments”. But “pull” is so good. And so it has been since she was five years old. It is this common “trait” towards people with a different skin color that we whites need to recognize. And do not dismiss it with “that there is not much racism in Norway”.

NEW FILM: “Odda” is in full swing with the filming of the film “Nothing to laugh at”, where he has written the script and plays the lead role. Sara Khorami also stars in the film, while Petter Næss directs. Last week it was announced that the recording has been switched on as a result of a corona eruption on the device. Photo: Odin Jæger

– Do you not get angry when you see it with your own eyes?

– No, not really. I’m sorry. And I can not trivialize it. A Ukrainian extremist sent Tinashe death threats. Other Norwegians have done it before. And how long ago was it that we had a racist murder in Norway? It was Philip Manshaus. And how long ago was it before that again? How many racially motivated murders have we had in this country in the last 20 years? There are a lot. Do we take racially motivated death threats seriously? I have to at least. On behalf of my family and my children, regardless of whether that person is good at Norwegian spelling or not.

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He believes that there are even better tools for those exposed to racism than going to the police.

– There was someone who wrote somewhere that you should not report, but sue. It goes faster, at the same time as the person or persons who have written an idiotic thing and are being sued must appear before the conciliation board and explain why they have written what they have written. And if they do not show up, they have to pay 5,000 kronor or something. So then it’s probably just “gunne” in the style of the Church of Scientology, encourages Odd-Magnus Williamson, who also leads the Amanda Prize ceremony in Haugesund next weekend.

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