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Responds to Raymond's gang talk – Dagbladet

This weekend, the Oslo police registered abnormally many cases of unprovoked violence in and around the center of Oslo. In particular, some of these incidents are worrying:

Larger groups have unprovoked attacks on a person. According to NRK, the police fear that this is a new trend, but are investigating the cases individually.

Will crush gangs

City Councilor Raymond Johansen (AP) mentions recruitment to gangs and criminal environments in connection with the wave wave

– I am concerned about the recruitment of gangs and criminal environment. Many of these young people are simple victims of recruitment. It gives status, speed and excitement, as opposed to sitting on the school bench, he says to Dagbladet, adding:

– The police must do what they have succeeded well in the past and crush the criminal gangs in Oslo.

Neither the criminal nor the operations center want to comment on whether they suspect the perpetrators are associated with gangs or criminal environments.

Responds to gang talk

This weekend, a 15-year-old boy announced that he had been robbed of ten people at Bøler in the eastern part of the Baltic Sea.

Thomas Pedersen, Head of Department for Children and Youth in East Thomas, emphasizes that he only knows about the weekend's events through the media's mention of them. He still answers Johansen's gang talk.

– We have a good overview of the youth environment in the district and feel that the district is a safe place for our youth, he says to Dagbladet and adds:

– We do not know that youth with gang crime are involved in such incidents in the district. Youth groups in the city also conduct such activities.

Responds to "trend"

Pedersen says he is aware of individual cases that young people from other districts have visited the Baltic Sea and that robberies have subsequently been reported. These cases have occurred in the past month, according to Pedersen.

The head of Oslo's Foreign Office, Børge Erdal, responds that the police say they are afraid that unattended group violence is a new "trend".

– I think we should be careful about talking about trends based on something that has happened on a weekend, Erdal told Dagbladet.

– Unhappy and disturbing

Head of Department Pedersen has confidence that police work for rapid follow-up of weekend events and that the perpetrators get quick reactions.

– It is very unfortunate and disturbing with so many events during a weekend in Oslo. We know through the SaLTo collaboration that there is a certain increase in child and youth crime in Oslo. At the same time, we also know that there are a few young people behind many of these crimes.

In 2018, Oslopolis registered 182 youths registered with four or more crimes – so-called gangsters. This is an increase of 31 times from 2017.

– Close cooperation between police, district and school is important and that young people who commit repeated crime receive close follow-up over time, says Pedersen.

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