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Received an intimate gift from son

The football star and father of four David Beckham (45) is no stranger to different hairstyles on his head. One of his four children probably also thinks that the 45-year-old should cut his hair elsewhere.

– I did not recognize her

Beckham was nicknamed “Goldenballs” by his wife Victoria Beckham (46) back in time and may now live up to the name.

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The British superstar recently revealed on his Instagram profile that he has received an ever so small special gift from his 15-year-old son Cruz Beckham. It writes, among others, The Sun and Metro.

«Golden Balls”: Beckham was nicknamed “Goldenballs” by his wife Victoria Beckham in 2001. Now he can possibly live up to the name. The couple is shown here 2018. Photo: NTB Scanpix Show more

Received a special gift

On Instagram’s story function, the star published a picture of a blue box with the text “We save balls”. In Norwegian it can be translated to «We save balls».

The 45-year-old has added the image “smooth” to the image. He also tags Cruz and writes the following:

“Things my son buys for us Beckham boys,” followed by a ridiculous emoji.

Photo: David Beckham / Screenshot from Instagram

Photo: David Beckham / Screenshot from Instagram Show more

It turns out to be a testicular trimmer.

According to the product’s website, the trimmer is specially designed to trim the testicles. The manufacturer promises “beautiful, shiny balls”.

Future father-in-law

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In this way, Norwegians can save 4.25 billion Norwegian interest costs

As mentioned, Beckham is the father of four children and will reportedly soon be the father-in-law of the actor Nicola Peltz (25).

The son Brooklyn Beckham (21) proposed to Peltz not so long ago.

Tributes to the son (21) after the shock engagement

For many, the news came suddenly, as the young couple gathered just six months ago.

The engagement was announced by the duo in their respective Instagram profiles.

During the Instagram post, the celebrity son wrote the following:

“Two weeks ago I asked my soulmate if she would marry me, and she said yes!”, He wrote to the picture of the newly engaged turtle doves and continued:

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“I’m the happiest man in the whole world. I promise to be the best man and the best father to our children one day. I love you babe.”

Shares private photos on the wedding day

Beckham also came on the field and congratulated his son and the future daughter-in-law in a separate Instagram post.

“Congratulations to these two beautiful people. Now that you are embarking on your exciting journey together, we are so happy for you,” the football star wrote under a picture of the newly engaged.

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