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Opel Ampera-e – Zero waiting time for Ampera-e

PSA Norway reports in a press release today that there is "no wait for Ampera-e" in Norway. The company says that better access to the car is the reason why the waiting lists on the car are emptied and that customers can buy the electric car from dealers with immediate delivery.

– In a market where delivery time and access to cars is still a challenge, it is gratifying that we now have Ampera-e for fast delivery, says Opel's brand manager at Bertel O. Steen, Johnny Danielsen, in the press release.

Opposite the website Elbil24.no says PR chief of Opel Norway, Stein Pettersen, that they have had good interest and that nearly 100 new contracts were signed in July. So far this year, Opel has delivered around 600 cars to customers, and they will have hundreds of models available from dealers.

– It means a lot for dealers to have cars for customers who come in stores. It is a whole new situation and we also think it will do something about the interest around the car.

– Many still believe that there are long waiting lists on this car, but that is no longer the case, Pettersen told the website. [19659002] A fully-equipped Ampera-e is priced at NOK 359,900, and includes equipment such as leather seats, heated steering wheel and stereo system from Bose, as well as active driver assistance programs such as parking assist, active file holder assistant, blind zone alert, rearview camera with side traffic alert, and active emergency brake as well

Bumpy launch

The launch of the electric car Opel Ampera-e in Norway has not gone completely rails. In the fall of 2017, Norwegian Opel dealers saw themselves forced to halt new sales of the electric car, but in February this year it was back in sales – albeit with a sharp increase in luggage.

Later, the Bilnytt website reported that Opel had problems with get rid of the cars and that Opel dealers thought there was only one way to sell them: lower prices.

A few months later, Opel announced a price cut of NOK 40,000 to NOK 359,900, which is also today.

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