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Now the jury has decided on five finalists

The case is being updated.

– It has been a good morning with great discussions, so we agreed pretty quickly. I think we landed on a list that reflects Trøndelag in a good way, "says juror Bjørn Tore Grøtte.

On Monday morning, the jury for this year's Trøndel sat down and discussed the five finalists in this year's competition. list with almost 400 different names, which is a record, then it was left to choose only the five who will fight to get away with the victory.

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– Do you have


1; No, we don't actually have it! I think the jury this year is both constructive and fun. Nobody has hit the table or threatened to leave, but it there are "strong" people in the jury – so it has been a fun day, says Grøtte, who is the jury's first judge.

Without revealing who the five finalists are, the jury list can say that they are completely different:

– I think everyone said so m either read the results in the newspaper or watch it on TV find one they can identify with. And hopefully want to vote, he says.

Changed jury

The observed reader may have noticed that the jury has changed since the beginning of this year's Trunks of the Year. Morten Hegseth and Ståle Gerhardsen were recently replaced by Rachel Nordtømme:

– I had a good conversation with Morten and Ståle before the weekend, where I asked them to leave the jury because we wanted to discuss their candidacy for a meeting today. Instead, we got Rachel Nordtømme to work with us. She was sporty and went in at short notice, explains Grøtte.

Nordtømme is sitting in the jury for the first time. She says she was happy when she was asked to go in at the last minute:

– It is very nice to be asked to join. After all, it is good to be part of winning this year's trophies and we had a very nice meeting. Although it was almost disappointingly low temperature, there were also some good discussions, she laughs.

– Fighting for our own

Last year it was Marit Bjørgen who received the award after being a finalist for the sixth time.

Who the five finalists are not revealed until the week before Christmas. Then the finalists are presented at both NRK Trøndelag and Adresseavisen, and the people can vote for their favorite through Christmas. The winner of this year's trophy will be announced at Adresseavisen and TSO's New Year's concert on January 10.

Guri Hetland sits on the jury for the second year and says that she is happy with the five finalists – this year too.

– Do you have anything special that you have fought extra hard for?

– We all fight for the ones we had on our own lists, so I guess so. I think it is important that there are also some athletes on the list, while it is important that all groups are represented. I feel we have achieved it, says Hetland.

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