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Here, the program director receives influenza vaccine directly – NRK Norway – Overview of news from different parts of the country

– Does it hurt, asks program director Anne Jetlund Hansen just before infection control chief Ragnhild Raastad Oslo University Hospital puts a syringe in her arm during a broadcast of the News Morning on NRK Tuesday.

It turned out to be a pretty painless scene. [19659002] – But I don't really need to take the vaccine? I'm a woman of my best age, the host asks.

– No, not unless you have someone in your immediate circle or family you want to protect. Some, for example, have asthma, diabetes or impaired immune systems. It can also be a small sting to protect those you love, "says Raastad.

1.6 million should take the vaccine

So far, we do not know much about flu this year, as it is very early in the season. But health professionals are seeing some viruses in circulation now, and the experts know the increase is coming.


1; That's why we're starting to prepare people for thinking about flu and getting vaccinated, says Karoline Bragstad, acting department director at the department for flu at the FHI.

1.6 million of us should protect against the disease, FHI believes.

 Karoline Bragstad at the Institute of Public Health

Karoline Bragstad at the FHI says that even if the vaccine hits less well, it gives a form For protection anyway.

Photo: Ole Gunnar Onsøien

– The majority of these are the elderly, regardless of whether they have underlying disease or not, says Bragstad.

The authorities have made a special effort in recent years to get more people vaccinated. The reminder has been specifically aimed at people over the age of 65, as well as health care professionals.

This year, the message is also intended to reach the message of pregnant women in the second and third trimesters and other young people in the risk groups.

The reason why pregnant women are covered by vaccine The advice is that the flu in pregnancy gives a slightly increased risk of stillbirth.

– In addition, it is very important that young children and younger adults with underlying chronic diseases and weakened immune systems get the vaccine.

Protects against multiple viruses [19659006] The new vaccines protect against four different viruses, against the former three. This increases the chance that the vaccine will cover the circulating viruses.

The vaccine must be prepared well before the fall, as early as February. Then they looked at the viruses that were in circulation then and found four viruses that they thought had to be included in the vaccine.

– Then one hopes to hit well. Sometimes you hit well with all four viruses, other times you hit some, but not so well on others, says Bragstad.

– But even though the vaccine hits less well, it does provide some form of protection nonetheless. Then you won't have to lie sick for over a week.

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