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Here he has the Playstation 5 control in his hand

Waste: Leaked!

The controller for PS5, DualSense, is also exciting. Sony has said little about it since the revelation in April.

DualSense will probably get a very accurate vibration motor

Because it probably hides functionality (as the name DualSense suggests), Sony has not talked about it yet.

This we wrote about possible functionality in May:

“In addition to impressive SSD speeds, the new console will also be very good at delivering a much more detailed sound image thanks to dedicated audio hardware called Tempestmotor. It is this sound engine that can emulate every raindrop in the game.

This is where the new DualSense (the name is more meaningful now that we know this) comes into the picture, as the vibration motor is probably so precise that you will be able to physically feel the raindrops in your hand. “

Here it is with size comparison against a hand and a foot:

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