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– Hell, moose! – The newspaper

On Facebook Kjell Nilsen can now laugh at the event on November 6. "This is probably the only car I can afford after dropping the one I had," he writes over a photo of a home-screwed pickup. But what happened is far from something you usually create humor about.

Fear of moose

On the way home after a shopping trip in Sweden, on County Road 322 between Åre and Verdal, Nilsen brakes in the dark winter weather. Although there are 80 zones, he knows there is a lot of elk in the area, and when the needle on the speedometer reaches 70 he stabilizes the speed. Also in the car is cohabitant Rita Myhre and her aunt.


1; Then a car comes, and I have to turn off the driving lights so as not to dazzle the driver, Nilsen tells Dagbladet.

Had he chosen to blind the driver, he had come home to Verdal without problems, he believes.

Responded instinctively

Seconds later it melts. In the middle of the road is an elk, and the only thing Nilsen can do is turn the steering wheel to the left, screaming "Hell, moose!" And hope for the best.

– I couldn't be scared. We calculated that we only had seven meters to answer, 70 kilometers per hour, he continues.

He managed to turn the steering wheel not only on his life, but also the passengers, he believes. Instead of hitting the belly of the moose and risking getting the whole animal into the car, the hip part is the car colliding.

– It was pure instinct, but I was aware that I should not add too much to the left and risk hitting the car that came in, he says.

  ERROR: The car did not survive the collision and must be destroyed. Photo: Kjell Nilsen
VRAK: The car did not survive the collision and must be destroyed. Photo: Kjell Nilsen
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Total wreckage

– Was there anything else you could do to avoid a collision?

– Nothing but dimming the lights later than I, I think, concludes Nilsen. [19659004] All three came from it without major injuries, but cohabitant Rita had to sew a cut in the forehead. The moose on the other hand was dead when the Swedish game board arrived, according to Nilsen.

The car was totally destroyed and he suffers from an economic loss of about SEK 50,000 because he had only insured the car. The video hopes he reaches as many people as possible to show how fast things can go.


At Trygg Trafikk, Nilsen reaps praise for how he reacted. District Manager Marianne Mittet Solbraa in Trygg Traffic Hedmark works in a county that is very vulnerable to fire fires and is now on the project "Wildlife and traffic in Hedmark".

– I'm glad he kept it cool and that he used her experience and slowed down when he knew there could be moose in the area. ”

  ROSER: Marianne Mittet Tanning in Trygg Trafikk Hedmark praises Kjell Nilsen for acting quickly and correctly. Photo: Trygg Trafikk
ROSER: Marianne Mittet Solbraa in Trygg Trafikk Hedmark praises Kjell Nilsen for acting quickly and correctly. Photo: Safe Traffic
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Nilsen also did right when he chose to swing towards the back of the moose, but at the same time be careful to drive into the upcoming lane. The ant is one of the most dangerous parts of the moose, and swinging away from it may have helped save lives.

Safer with technology

She hopes that technology can now help save even more lives, because she makes it clear that the headlights should be turned off so as not to be inconvenient oncoming traffic.

– For example, with a new parking space will also be customizable daylight that avoids oncoming traffic, making the overview better. But until then it is important to keep the lamps clean so that you get the best visibility, she continues.

– Is there anything Nilsen could have done differently to avoid a collision?

– In retrospect, he probably thinks he should have walked the extra 20 miles an hour and maybe ready to stop. But he was thinking a lot, and he should be commended for that, the district leader concludes.

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