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Gustav Magnar Witzøe: "Norway's richest responds to homorycts

The 25-year-old Gustav Magnar Witzøe is the richest man in the country.

The young lover over time has become a familiar face in Norwegian publicity, and it is not possible for salmon farming. The 25-year-old from Frøya in Trøndelag is of the kind often called celebrities, or who interviews with the press.

However, he made an exception at this time.

In a long interview with Dagbladet Magazine, he opens up for dreams, careers, homorical acts and how it has grown up as what he mentions as a "normal boy" but with Norway's largest largest rich

Introduced as a Model

Even though the billions have come from his father, Gustav Witzøes (64)'s commitment to salmon farming has not the Earthly 25-year-old hat a clear future vision.

In addition to being a billionaire, he has a beautiful exterior, but he has some extra strings to play.

Now Gustav is trying to be a campaign and catwalk model, and with him the team has no less than former model and celebrity stylist Jan Thomas (51).

It was Gustav's hairdresser who introduced him to the celebrity stylist. And all was well hidden to avoid the celebrity-sky salmon army pulled. What began with a closet was gradually expanded into a greater cooperation between the two.

Today, 51 years old, together with model agent Alexander Norheim (31), from model-based Team Models among those who set the strategy for Gustav's model initiative.

And the two do not hide their faith in Gustav. To the newspaper they say they are looking for a brand similar to billionaires – and supermodel sisters Bella (21) and Gigi Hadid (23).

– Nothing wrong with it

That cooperation with him could lead To speculate in physics and if the two are a couple, something Jan Thomas was prepared for and the probability of the theme became no less than Jan Thomas suggested in January to see and hear of a new secret girlfriend.

– At the beginning I said to Gustav: "You have to think about the consequence of working with me, because there will be speculation if we are together," says Jan Thomas to the newspaper.

But rumors about whether he is gay, and a possible relationship with the 51-year-old, Gustav himself takes a striking calm.

– If someone calls me gay, that's not what I perceive as degrading. Homosexuality is something you are, not one you choose. There is nothing wrong with that.

In January, the two friends came to Se og Hørs celebrity bug. Asked if he had a boyfriend flirting Gustav.

– He, I did not, said the 24-year-old and added that he is not actively looking for one for the moment.

– No more than others, singles, in that case he said and logged.

No career press

Although Gustav does not have a sober future dream and wants to try different directions, he is

He has had what he mentions as an "internship "in his father's company Kverva, but has no immediate plans to engage in the family business beyond this.

– But it's nice to try it and I'm learning a lot. I'm glad he told Look and Listen this year's celebrity gala.

In July last year, Dagens Næringsliv announced that Gustav Magnar and mate Mats Østgaard Pettersen, 37, had bought the company Solsiden AS, which performs bars and

Trønderen has also invested in several Norwegian start-ups.

It may be a reminder of the father's own entrepreneurial activity, because there is no family pressure we must believe Gustav himself. To see and hear he said he did not know about family pressure to succeed in career.

– No, I'm not really doing that. I think they are proud of me for reasons other than just succeeding in working life. I think it's important to them that I'm doing well with myself and, not least, that you're a good person, "Gustav emphasizes.

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