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Exhibitions discovered in Tynset municipality

In Tynset municipality, a case of measles has recently been discovered. It is reported by municipal consultant / infectious disease doctor Knut Selmer at the Tynset doctor's office on Thursday. Mässelvaccine was introduced in the childhood vaccination program in Norway in 1969. People born before 1960 are believed to have undergone measles and are protected. People born after 1970 who have received the vaccines in the childhood vaccination program are also protected. All Norwegian children are offered a vaccine (MMR vaccine) and are given at the age of 15 months and are repeated in the 6th grade in compulsory school.

The Norwegian authorities emphasize the importance of following the vaccination program. Small children who have not taken the MMR vaccination are exposed to infection in European countries with outbreaks of measles. For these, it may be appropriate to accelerate vaccination before holiday travel. The earliest time to get the vaccine is at 9 months of age

For most, getting measles is not dangerous, but the disease is highly contagious and few are permanently hurt. Symptoms of disease usually occur 1

0 to 14 days after infection

Characteristics of measles

Typical symptoms of measles are first fever and chills which last 3-4 days. You can also get some white spots in your mouth.

After the first few days you get a little better before you get a fever again and the typical rash occurs.

It usually begins behind the ears and spreads rapidly to the whole

People with typical symptoms of measles should contact their physician / health center by telephone before the meeting to avoid further infection of others in the waiting room. Therefore, there is no need to go to a doctor's office or emergency room without talking to a doctor or nurse by telephone in advance.

How the vaccine works

When vaccination is given a part of the body or something like that microbe you want protection against. The immune system learns to recognize the "enemy". If the vaccine is subsequently infected with the pathogenic microbe, the immune system will react faster and better and therefore be better to protect us from diseases. Immunization against vaccination has occurred

A case in Thinset is rare and the disease has occurred in a person being vaccinated. Fairs are more contagious than, for example, the flu, and it is important that unvaccinated and unvaccinated children can still be infected

– If unvaccinated vaccines are to be addressed to the health care to receive the vaccine. The telephone number for the health center at Tynset is 62 48 51 53, says Selmer.

It is also recommended to visit Helsenorge.no – "my vaccines" to check which vaccines you have received.

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