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Coronavirus, Sweden | New Swedish study: So many people keep antibodies against coronavirus

That may be good news.

The Swedish hospital Danderyds hospital in Stockholm collected samples from 2149 employees this spring. Antibodies to covid-19 were then detected in 19 percent of those tested. Now the hospital has taken the test to a new phase and tested 92 percent of the same group by letting everyone take a blood sample.

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The results turn out to be uplifting. This spring, 405 people had antibodies to covid-19 after the test in the first phase, ie 405 people had probably been diagnosed with coronavirus sometime between January and April, writes Aftonbladet.

1; Important step on the road

The test results after phase 2 show that as many as 82 percent of the 405 people still have measurable levels of antibodies, at least four months later.

– These are people who have been ill sometime between January and April, and we can now state that a majority keep their antibodies against sars-cov-2 and therefore very likely are still immune to covid-19. Since we have a limited knowledge base about immunity and cvoid-19, this is an important step along the way, says Charlotte Thålin, doctor and researcher at Danderyd Hospital, who has also had the main responsibility for the study, to Aftonbladet.

Among the lowest in Europe

At the beginning of the corona pandemic this spring, the Swedes became very thin so as not to close society. For a period, they also had the highest mortality of covid-19 in relation to the population, and the Swedes received international attention, mostly negative, for not closing schools, kindergartens, nightclubs and restaurants.

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Now, however, the Swedes have received a kind of revenge. The figures from the beginning to the middle of September have been quite uplifting. It shows an overview from the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC).

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From 2 to 15 September, there were “only” 22.2 cases of infection per 100,000 inhabitants in our neighboring country, while Norway has registered 28.4 cases of infection and Denmark 48.5 cases of infection per 100,000 inhabitants. During the period, 22 of Europe’s 31 countries had higher infection levels than Sweden.

– We do not have an inflammation of the disease, as many other countries have. Finally, we will see what it means to have a more sustainable strategy, which you can maintain for a longer period of time, instead of a strategy where you turn off, open and close again and again, says the Swedish state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell in an interview with the French news channel France 24.

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