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ME patients are not given by healthcare professionals who are free to see, believe and believe

In an ongoing signature campaign spread through FB, twitter, blogs and a foreign ME forum, it is required that the management of the national competence service for CFS / ME has to go. The Competition Authority is criticized for having an overall understanding of causality, symptoms and treatment of CFS / ME, a multisystemic disease with a complex symptom source. …

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– Important that people are aware that West Norway fever is in circulation

Thousands of Europeans have died after being infected with West Nile fever. Older people are most vulnerable. Protect yourself from the mosquito while traveling and consult a doctor for symptoms of serious illness. Vestnilviruses are usually found in wild migratory birds and are often used in tropical / subtropical areas in the world from which viruses can spread to temperate …

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Oppland Worksheet – The guys are ready for the HPV vaccine

As of last autumn, all 7 boys will be offered HPV vaccines in line with the girls. – HPV (Human Papillomavirus) is a virus that easily infects sexual contact. Most HPV infections go over, but sometimes the infection can be prolonged and lead to cervical cancer, penis, around the genitals or in the rectum. HPV can also cause cancer in …

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Research: – Treatment of heartburn prevents cancer

A major Nordic study now shows that it is advisable to treat sore throat and heartburn. Serious and prolonged heartburn is the major risk factor for esophageal cancer. A study of nearly a million Nordic patients shows that aggressive cancer that is also difficult to treat can be prevented. Many struggle a lot Most people have felt that it burns …

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Here is the food that prevents cancer

Extra important for older people to follow these tips, researchers say. (Vi.no): According to the Public Health Institute, the risk of cancer with age increases. More than 85 percent of cancer cases in women and 90 percent of men's cases occur after 50 years of age. – What we eat and what living habits we have can help prevent cancer. …

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Increase the risk of stroke in cancer patients

This text was first published in the footnote. Heartbeat may be the first symptom of cancer, but the finest than standardized guidelines for screening. Is there a correlation between the fact that we have about 33,000 new cancer cases in Norway in the quarter, while there are about 12,000 Norwegians getting a stroke? Brain infarction, the most common type of …

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