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Young and working people are most often affected by the flu

Last winter, most influenza B and some A H3N2 were at the end of the season. Both viruses hit the oldest especially hard. This year, the A H1N1 virus has so far dominated, writes Aftenposten. – This virus tends to affect them in working age and adolescents more often than the elders. Nevertheless, the elder and those who otherwise belong …

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Are there places in the body We can't get cancer?

People get cancer in the breast, lungs, intestines, brain, skeleton and prostate – plus many more places in the body. But when did you last hear about someone with heart cancer? Or in the spleen? Or in the catheter? Is it that some organs are more resistant to cancer than others? It may seem so. For if you apply for …

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Children with mental illness have more often had infections

– This indicates that there is a connection between the immune system and the psyche. We can see that the more and the more serious infections you have had in childhood, the higher the risk of developing a mental illness while you are a child. According to doctoral student, Ole Köhler-Forsberg, PhD student from the Department of Clinical Medicine at …

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Slowly reduce blood sugar with carbohydrates?

The whole point of eating carbohydrates is that the sugar enters the bloodstream. Tarma breaks bread and pasta in glucose – glucose – which is sent into bloodstream. Then the body separates insulin, which opens the cells to release glucose. There is fuel in the cells. But for people with diabetes 2, this process does not work properly. Insufficient insulin …

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Seafood experts cook the food at the Christmas table – more days after 40 people were sick – NRK Hordaland – Local news, TV and radio

During the Christmas table in 2013, researchers at the National Institute for Nutrition and Seafood Research (NIFES) decided to drop catering. The food would make for themselves. – Everything should be seafood. We had full control of all the commodities, fortel researcher Arne Duinker. The Christmas table ended on Friday the 13th. When the work week started on Monday, there …

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Can explain mysterious lack of people

5000 years ago, a young woman dies in the Falstadden area of ​​Sweden, just north of Jönköping. She is buried in a tomb where 78 different skeletons have been found. But this woman's skeleton tells a very special story. New DNA analysis of blood from the teeth shows that she was the first known victim of a disease that would …

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