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Caroline Flack, celebrity | The death of “Love Island” host shocked the whole world: – Her life fell apart

Caroline Flack’s family believes the prosecutor is to blame for the host’s suicide.

On February 15, the shocking news came that the British TV profile Caroline Flack had passed away.

The former “Love Island” representative was found lifeless in her own apartment in London, and the family later confirmed that she had taken her own life. She turned 40 years old.

Since then, details of Flack’s life before death have made headlines around the world, and this week the judicial review of the 40-year-old’s sudden death began.


Arrested after violent incident

Flack was at the center of an ongoing investigation into an alleged violent incident when she died.

The violent incident occurred in December, when the TV profile allegedly found text messages from another woman on her boyfriend Lewis Burton’s (28) phone. The 40-year-old is said to have hit Burton in the head with a lamp while he was sleeping, and the rescue services were called.

Although Burton himself did not report the case, prosecutors chose to file an indictment based on the risk of recidivism. On Christmas Eve, Flack denied criminal guilt and was released on bail with a ban on having contact with his girlfriend. According to the plan, she would appear in court again on March 4, but on February 15, she was found dead.

Flack’s family has in recent months been critical of the prosecutor’s handling of the case and describes everything as a “staged show trial”, according to the Independent.

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– Do not be in a good place

The family and friends of the former “Love Island” host have in recent days said that Flack feared that her career was over after she was arrested for violence in early December last year. At the same time, her mental health has deteriorated sharply after the arrest.

Click on the image to enlarge.  IN COURT: Caroline Flack denied criminal guilt when she appeared in court on Christmas Eve last year.

IN COURT: Caroline Flack denied criminal guilt when she appeared in court on Christmas Eve last year.
Photo: NTB Scanpix

Her twin sister, Jody Flack (40), has also pointed out how the press “persecuted” her.

Among other things, a picture from what is alleged to be the host’s bedroom on the same night as the alleged attack in December was leaked and published in the gossip press. The bed in the picture is covered in blood, and the family has reacted strongly to the fact that the picture is divided. Burton, for his part, has previously denied that the picture originates from the evening in question.

During the autopsy, it was also revealed that Flack had tried to take his own life several times.

All these attempts must have taken place after the violent incident.

Lewis Burton, who did not want to report his girlfriend after the incident in December, has been clear that he did not support the prosecutor’s accusation, writes Independent.

– She was not in a good place emotionally, he said on Wednesday.

Left a note for the girlfriend

As a result of the court trial, several details have emerged about Flack’s day of death.

According to Metro, it was the father of one of Flack’s friends who found her, after Flack’s twin sister had called him and told her that she could not enter the apartment. They first tried to break down the door before getting the key from the landlord.

The rescue services were called as soon as they realized the extent, and one of those who came to the scene found a handwritten note on the table.

“I hope Lewis and I (Burton, Caroline Flack’s girlfriend, editor’s note) can one day find harmony,” the note said.

Click on the image to destroy.  Britain's Flack Lewis Burton, partner of Love Island presenter Caroline Flack, arrives at Highbury Magistrates' Court in London on Monday, December 23, 2019. Flack has resigned as host of the upcoming winter series for the TV dating show Love Island, after being accused of abuse. against the former professional tennis player and model Burton.

NOTE: Flack’s girlfriend, Lewis Burton, chose not to report the incident of violence – and has stated that he disagreed with the prosecutor’s decision to bring charges.
Photo: NTB Scanpix

As mentioned, it was an argument between Flack and Burton that led to the former being arrested – when she found text messages from another woman on her boyfriend’s phone and suspected he had a side jump she did not know about.

Verbal attack on the investigator

Flack’s family has, as previously mentioned, reacted to the prosecutor’s choice to bring an indictment against her even though her boyfriend would not report the incident of violence.

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According to the Daily Mail, Flack’s mother, Christine Flack, went on a verbal attack on one of the investigators on Thursday.

She believes it is the investigator’s fault that her daughter is dead and claims that she was treated differently because she was famous.

– If it had been an “ordinary” person, you would never have charged her. (…) I hope you regret this. This girl took her life because you reported her, Christine Flack was furious.

Click on the image to enlarge.  IN SORROW: Fans laid flowers in front of the front door of Flack's former home after death became known.

IN SORROW: Fans laid flowers in front of the front door of Flack’s former home after death became known.
Photo: NTB Scanpix

The prosecutor has previously denied that the TV profile was tougher due to his celebrity status, and has said, among other things, that they would not have done anything else if they were confronted with the same case today – eight months later.

Among other things, they have defended this claim by saying that Flack denied having done anything wrong during the police interrogations.

– She was called “murderer” and “addict”

It’s not just the prosecution that gets harsh criticism from Flack’s family and friends. The press is also hit hard.

– I think the shame was too great. She was called a “murderer” and an “addict” on the front pages of newspapers. The press and the public gave everything an entertaining angle, and it was out of control. Her life and reputation fell apart, Flack’s twin sister, Jody Flack, said on Wednesday, according to Metro.

Several have described the press coverage of Caroline Flack’s allegations of violence as a scandal, as she was not convicted.

When the judicial review of the death ended on Thursday, the forensic pathologist, according to Ok !, drew that there is no doubt that Caroline Flack took her own life on purpose.

– I think the reason she took her own life was that she knew for sure that she would be convicted, and she knew that she had to face the media, the gossip press and the public. It would fall on her. For me, it is an important reason, concluded the forensic pathologist Mary Hassell.

The host’s mother said the following after the review ended on Thursday:

– Caroline was a celebrity that some thought must be an example of, rather than treating her like everyone else.

Click on the image to enlarge.  Caroline Flack dead File photo dated 22/1/2019 of TV presenter Caroline Flack who has died, her family says in a statement.

PROGRAM MANAGER: Caroline Flack hosted the UK edition of “Love Island” from 2015 to 2019.
Photo: NTB Scanpix

Shared unpublished post

That the constant spotlight and media pressure on Caroline Flack demanded became clear in an unpublished Instagram post that her family shared after she died.

“I’m not violent. We had an argument, and an accident happened. The reason I’m talking today is because my family can no longer cope. I’ve lost my job. My home. The ability to speak. And my truth has been taken out of my happens and is used as entertainment », it said in the post that Flack had written, according to the BBC.

Flack lost his job as host of “Love Island” due to the violence.

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