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Berisha was asked if he would like to welcome Bamba back. The answer draws attention.

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Sarpsborg: Fire played 1-1 against Sarpsborg, but only one of the team's points profiles was included. Veton Berisha played while Daouda Bamba was banned from the squad following turbulent events against Molde and at training this week.

After Sunday's game, Berisha was asked about the relationship with colleague Bamba. In a TV interview with Eurosport, Berisha was asked if he would welcome Bamba back.


1; Yes, if he manages to act. There has been some here and there, we will see, replied Berisha.

Afterwards he worked out the press zone.

– What I said to Eurosport was that if he succeeds in acting, it is up to Lars Arne (Nilsen, coach). The fact that Eurosport makes drama out of it is so stupid, says Berisha on BT's question.

Daouda Bamba did not respond to BT's request for the match, but made it clear as late as Saturday afternoon that he did not want to comment. to the media now.

Bamba's agent, Ole Petter Drevland, does not want to comment on Berisha's statements. thought it was natural to ask Berisha if he would welcome Bamba back into the team. It is clear that Berisha is making some demands on Bamba's behavior before he wants to do it, but we do not feel that we create more drama than asking the questions.


– Has Bamba's behavior been missing so far, Berisha

– You have things with you. Then it is as it is. Simple and simple, replies Berisha.

On Monday this week, Bamba and Berisha ended up in a basketball on training. Bamba went very hard against Berisha and it ended up being a mix. Three days later, it became known that Bamba would not join Sarpsborg.

– Is it a challenge for you to play together?

– No, but you have to do what's positive for a team. Everyone should do it. Then you can't do that, says Berisha.

– Which Bamba has "been on"?

– Yeah.

– Needless

Berisha further states that he has not spent energy on the noise around Bamba.

– But it's going to be a talkative and it's unnecessary.

Bamba was purchased for Fire for about nine million last summer, while Berisha came in for about six million at the beginning of the season.

When asked by VG if it is "him or you", Berisha replies with a counter-question:

– Do you want someone who can't behave?

Berisha says he has no problems playing with Bamba. Rye legend says he "gives everything to the team anyway."

– Are you sure the same goes for Bamba?

– I don't think so. I do my job for the team regardless of the guy next door called Ola Nordmann or Bamba.

– We have to act

Fire coach Lars Arne Nilsen was frustrated that Bamba was the theme again after the match.

– What do you think of Berisha saying he wants Bamba back if he "manages to behave"?

– He'll stand for it, but it's just nonsense. Of course, he should, says Nilsen, breathe.

– I can't believe it's true. Veton got the microphone in the face right after the match and we had just let in goals. I can't believe it's right. "I have to talk to him," said the fire coach.

Nilsen denies that the Bamba-Berisha basketball game was a contributor to the Bamba wreck from the battle group, which Bamba's agent considers to be crucial.

– It has nothing to do with it. It was a struggle for training, a little hug.

Think Berisha creates drama

Eurosport expert Tor Ole Skullerud believes that the only "drama" in the case is that Lars Arne Nilsen is confronted with Berisha's statements.

– De I feel good is frustrating for Lars Arne. It is Veton's answer to the question that creates the whole situation and forms the basis of "drama". He has to make these statements, "says Skullerud.

Against Sarpsborg, it was a long shot from the back that needed to end Brann's goal drying in almost seven hours. During the second half, Brann was hit hard by Sarpsborg, who eventually leveled.

– What is disappointing is our second half, then we became too passive and did not dare to play, says Berisha.

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