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Astrid Lindgren's daughter in harness over new film

  LEGEND: Astrid Lindgren, pictured here in Stockholm at her own desk a few years before she left.
LEGEND: Astrid Lindgren, pictured here in Stockholm at her own desk a few years before she left. Photo: Dan Hansson / SvD


Karin Nyman cheats on the upcoming film "Young Astrid", including Astrid Lindgren's pregnancy with a married man [19659007] 28.08.18 09:25

– This movie can never be done when mom lived, says an upset Karin Nyman (84) to the Swedish newspaper We according to Expressen .

The movie about the mother comes to the cinema of Sweden in two weeks. Alba August (25) plays the role of Astrid, and the act is about the life of World Writer long before she became known. That Astrid as a teenager born a son outside of marriage was a big scandal.

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Karin Nyman says she is convinced her mother would say a resounding no to let the heavy time be deposited in this way. 19659016] – The unwanted pregnancy was obviously a huge event in the mothers, so the filmmakers are entitled to make it crucial. But how vital the existence felt for Astrid before she gave birth to Lasse, there is no man who knows, rages Nyman and adds that all the gossip in Vimmerby, the eyes, the shield and the questions made her mother aware of the marrow

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– She fled from Vimmerby and refused to ever become an object of that kind of interest about their privacy. So that it will be "created free" around this time in Astrid's life, feels completely absurd, says the daughter.

The unplanned pregnancy has been mentioned in book form earlier . In a biography from 2014, readers got an insight into what happened when Lindgren, 16, started working as a volunteer in the local newspaper Vimmerby Tidning, where Reinhold Blomberg was editor-in-chief. He was more than 30 years older, married for the second time and had seven children.

Lindgren, or Eriksson, who she was, was 18 when she became pregnant with poison Blomberg. It was the beginning of some difficult years. According to notes, Astrid was never in doubt that she would keep her son. "I knew what I wanted and did not want. I would have the child, my childhood did not," he says in the cinema.

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The following time was very difficult. Astrid, who traveled to Copenhagen to be born, must leave Lasse with a foster family there and go home. It took several years before the son came to Sweden.

– Lasse did well during these years. However, I had to be in Stockholm, finish the education, get me a job and try to find a way to get Lasse home to me. It was a tiring time, a lot of adversity and an eternal longing for the young so far from me and Astrid told an interview without getting into the situation she experienced.

The year Astrid was divorced from her son, she did not do with depression – as much as she wrote about her suicidal thoughts and loneliness in a letter to her brother appeared in the cinema "This Day, a Life. "

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She also lived a sparing life as a secretary. Only when she married Sture Lindgren in 1931, Lasse could be reunited with her mother, and later her daughter Karin came to the world. It was for her Astrid invented Pippi Langstrømpe, once tired of the daughter being ill in bed, which was the start of an adventurous writer career [19659073].

Director Pernille Fischer Christensen (48) says to VI according to Expressen ] according to Nyman, the mother never thought the family in relation to Blomberg. ] that the film is a beautiful tribute and that there are women like Astrid Lindgren who have paved the way for women to live today.

It is not known when the film becomes a premiere in Norway.

Lasse Lindgren or Lars, as he originally died, died in 1986. He became 60 years old.

Astrid Lindgren died January 28, 2002 -94 years old. She has sold almost 150 million books worldwide, translated into 80 languages, and over 40 of the books are filmed.

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