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Ask Sandberg to explain about Iran's tour with seafood owner

Several politicians in the big part now ask fisherman Per Sandberg to explain about his private Iran trip with a Norwegian-Iranian woman who owns a seafood company.

The reactions come after Filter News mentioned that the relationship between Sandberg and the 28-year-old Bahareh Letnes should have been a theme at the Prime Ministerial Office (SMK).

This is a question of how Sandberg combines private and official contact with Iranian authorities while he is a fisheries minister and thus a representative of the Norwegian government.

Sandberg is this week on holiday in Iran with Letnes, who has uploaded more photos of the two together on his Instagram account, writes Filter News.

Asks Sandberg to explain

To VG, Vice Chairman of the Norwegian Parliament's Nutrition Committee Torgeir Knag Fylkesnes (SV) Sandberg asks for clarification of his relationship.


1; It is important to clarify if this is a case of confusion between police kk and integrity. If that's a nice relationship, I wish them good luck, he says to the newspaper.

He asks Sandberg himself to come to the plan.

– If I can not get a response from the minister's minister I will address this as a written question in the parliament, says Fylkesnes.

Other Deputy Chairman of the Nutrition Council Terje Aasland (AP) supports Fylkesnes starting point.

– It is important and important that the Minister of Fisheries is open. I hope and believe Sandberg will explain how this relationship is so that there are no unnecessary speculation, "says Aasland to Dagbladet.

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Expecting the trip to be cleaned

Leader of the Nutrition Committee, Geir Pollestad (Sp), tells Dagbladet that he expects SMK to be informed about Sandberg's trip.

– With regard to Letne's business operations, Sandberg must usually declare if things arise, says Pollestad. 19659002] – It is not necessarily problematic that a Norwegian government is now visiting Iran. I expect Sandberg to have completed the trip with his own ministry and SMK – even if it is a holiday trip, he adds.

According to Today's Business, Iran's authorities made Sandberg's own ministry aware of the minister's plans for a private visit to the country.

In an email from the Norwegian Embassy in Iran to Minister for Fisheries, Sandberg's Office, the Embassy sent a wish from Iran's Foreign Ministry to meet Sandberg.

Today's Business has asked the Ministry of Industry

– The Minister of Fisheries has a holiday now and the Ministry has no comment on Per Sandberg's private holiday plans, writes communication adviser Wensel Halvard in an email to the newspaper.

Dagbladet has failed to contact the Ministry of Trade and Fisheries on Friday evening.

Sandberg and Letnes

The 28-year-old Bahareh Letnes Instagram Cow nto has been added several pictures of Sandberg and Letnes together in Iran last week. Until Friday night, this Instagram account was open but became private during the evening.

According to Filter News, Latvia granted asylum in Norway in 2008. She was born in Iran.

The Fisheries Minister was also pictured together with Letnes when he participated in the celebration of Iran's new year at the Iranian Embassy in Oslo in March this year. Sandberg was then also acting minister of justice, writes Filter News.

Against the online newspaper Filters News does not want Sandberg to comment on the relationship with Letnes.

Whether he or she had prepared the trip and the relationship with SMK, Sandberg told the newspaper:

"I have regular interviews with both the Prime Minister and my staff at the Ministry. There are confidential conversations that I disagree with. "

He emphasizes that Letnes has not followed him on" anyone meets or travels with the Ministry of Economy or politically related trips / meetings related to my work as Minister of Fisheries. "

" Neither I nor the Ministry of Industry and Fisheries has, and has not had any relationship with, the company in Letnes. In addition, it is possible to refer to Let's reply to the company's fish magazine on July 11, the statement says.

– Never been a fish exporter

When the Fisheries Journal mentioned the relationship between Letnes and Sandberg on July 11, the Letnes industry magazine told her that she never exported fish.

"First, companies Only registered for trade between Norway and Iran, the company has not exported or imported anything. The company also has no permission to export fish and shellfish, and it is likely to be erased, says it in a text from Letnes.

She also wrote to the Fisheries Document:

"Your question about the fisheries minister is completely irrelevant, as neither the company nor me have exported seafood from Norway. I'm not and never been a fish exporter." [19659002] Letnes is listed as owner of an individual company, B & H General Trading Company, which was registered on January 8 this year. In the Brønnøysund Register, the company has declared that they are engaged in production, development, purchasing and sales including export of fish and shellfish products and other things that naturally coincide with this. Imports of all foods. Import, purchase and transportation of natural gas from Iran. Export of key equipment and technology to the oil and gas sector. "

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