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Anita Krohn Traaseth has sold Bestum villa with 8 million in profit – E24

The empty villa Villa Solbakken was bought by the former Innavasjon Norge leader and man in 2013. It has now been sold for a good profit, but NOK 1.35 million below the original price estimate.

The main part of Villa Solbakken is 346 square meters and last autumn received a price estimate of 23 million Norwegian kroner.

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The main part of the semi-detached house Villa Sobakken at Bestum, which was first put up for sale last autumn, has been sold for NOK 21.65 million.

Anita Krohn Traaseth and her husband Knut Thomas bought the house, which was built in 1917 for 13.6 million in 2013, and has now earned more than NOK 8 million from the sale.

– We were very positively surprised and are very satisfied with the sales, Anita Krohn Traaseth tells E24.

Since the couple bought their share of the parliament, they have made several adjustments that have increased the purchase.

The couple is said to have built a pool on the terrace, added a new kitchen and maintained the home.

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The length of stay in the home is shorter

Despite the fact that the house was closed for sale during the corona outbreak, real estate agent Vidar Øie Nilsen says that Traaseth’s part of the parliament was sold quickly the day after the last viewing.

When E24 asks about the uncertainty surrounding the sale of homes during the corona pandemic, Nilsen answers that the turnover rate in the market is not so much lower today than it was before the corona.

– In mid-March, it stopped, but it quickly started to go again. In my experience, the stay has been short and is no longer than before the corona. I feel that it is rather the opposite – that it is going faster now.

Traaseth’s share of the parliament was sold for NOK 21,650,000, NOK 1.35 million below the price estimate published this autumn.

– It is difficult to praise such a home, so you had to start somewhere that seemed right. There are very many different strategies around sales, and the sellers seemed very happy with the amount.

The empty villa Villa Solbakken was built in 1917

Benedicte Storm Bamvik, E24

Unsure of the market under the corona

Former leader of Innovation Norway says that both she and her husband Knut Thomas were happy about the sale that would take place during the corona pandemic.

The couple put the home on the market for the first time last autumn, with a plan to move to their new house in Sandefjord, but withdrew the ad when they decided to stay in Oslo.

– Therefore, we postponed the sale of houses until the spring with the desire to find an apartment in the center. Then we had no idea about the corona and what kind of spring market this would be, says Traaseth.

She goes on to say that they were very insecure in the market and wondered if they could sell the home at all because of coronavirus.

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Sell ​​first – buy afterwards

When the home was for sale last autumn, it was mentioned among others Nettavisen and Dagens Næringsliv. This is said to have led to enormous pressure during the screenings last year, according to Traaseth.

– It was very unusual for us to have our home published on the front page of the newspaper, and even though many were on screen, it was probably driven more by curiosity than willingness to buy. This time there was still good interest despite coronary restrictions.

The couple does not express any concern about finding a new home immediately and says that they would rather spend some time finding the apartment they are looking for in central Oslo.

– This is how it will be during the corona pandemic; sell first – buy afterwards. We also have a year-round house in Sandefjord, at the same time as we have a new, good place to live in Oslo, so it’s just good for us.

The new owners, who do not want to be named, tell E24 that they are satisfied with the purchase and believe that they will enjoy Villa Solbakken.

The home was taken over on August 1.

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