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North Dakota mom, 3 children dead in apparent murders, suicide

One mother and her three children were found dead on Thursday in a northeastern North Dakota home and the police said their deaths were apparent murder and suicide.

Police said 35-year-old Astra Volk and her children, 14-year-old Tyler Talmage, 10-year-old Aidan Talmage and 6-year-old Arianna Talmage had all shotguns. A gun was found on site in Grand Forks and no suspects were sought.

Police went home Thursday morning after administrators at Lewis and Clark Elementary School asked the police to look at the family. The respondent saw what appeared to be a body inside the home on Grand Fork's southern side and entered.

Grand Forks Public Schools said in a statement that families were notified and it worked with the schools that the children participated in providing support and counseling to students and staff.

Paula Stevens, 58, living two doors down from the house where the four were found, said the family had moved into the house a few months ago.

"Three little children and their mother-oh my goodness," she said.

Stevens said that the house was "empty forever" until it was recently renovated and the woman lived there as a tenant. Stevens said she rarely saw the family because The woman worked odd hours and the long winter held the children indoors.

"This is scary," said Stevens. "Now I want to look out for my neighbors and make sure they are ok."

Stevens and others described the neighborhood as a safe and quiet residential area. The house where the family was found was surrounded by a crime band on Thursday. The garage door opened more than halfway, and a pink child's bike was turned in the yard.

"It's a bit scary because Grand Forks should be like a safe city , a place where you can keep your doors unlocked, "said Caralyne Ronai, a senior at the University of North Dakota who went through the neighborhood." Four dead are worried to hear. "



This story has been corrected fo is to show that district managers have described three of the dead as students, but not necessarily as students at the elementary school and to show that the University of North Dakota's surname is Ronai instead of Ronay.

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