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No trading aids for planted hectares due to floods, USDA says | Agriculture

There will be no trade aid to farmers who cannot plant a crop this season due to wet weather which caused intensive flooding and property damage, according to a US Department of Agriculture release.

Agricultural Secretary Sonny Perdue said that the USDA is not legally authorized to pay producers for cultivated hectares and investigates "legal flexibility". Producers are invited to work with their green insurance agent to apply.

The USDA announced a second aid package last month to help farmers who have been harmed by the trade war with China. The $ 1

6 billion package will cushion farmers, who already receive low prices on their crops, from the full impact of China's repayment rates.

Spring began with a series of natural disasters. Some peasants, especially those along the Missouri and Mississippi rivers and their tributaries in the Midwest and South, still have land underwater. Even when the water remains, many find that their land is not healthy enough for planting.

Another complication is that the USDA has not yet announced payment rates for most of the aid package, the $ 14.5 billion marketing program, so farmers do not know how much the federal government will pay them to plant a crop as opposed to another.

"I urge farmers to plant for the market and plant what works best on their farm, no matter what type of aid program the USDA can provide," says Perdue in a statement.

USDA is considering a minimal per-acre payment to farmers who applied about a "prevented planting", insurance cover that protects producers who cannot plant a crop at a certain date or is affected by bad weather.

"If you choose to plant a cover plant with the potential to be harvested due to the adverse weather conditions of the year, You qualify for a minimal amount of 2019 MFP assistance, "said the USDA in its release." You still need to comply with your crop insurance requirements to qualify for any compensation. "

In addition to the $ 16 billion aid package, President Donald Trump wrote last week, a $ 19.1 wage settlement list, according to which the USDA can compete Estimating losses caused by prevented planting in 2019 up to 90 percent, but it is "very unlikely" that farmers will receive that coverage beyond USDA crop insurance.

As of Monday, 94% of the maize was planted in Nebraska, compared to the average of 99% for this season, and the farmers had planted 79% of the soybean plant, behind the average of 94%.

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