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No more heavy temperature controls: This infrared boiler thermometer is 42% off

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It’s the 21st century. You would think we would have been way to take someone̵

7;s temperature now without putting a tube full of mercury in their mouths (or a part of the body that is even less pleasant). And there it is! Infrared boiler thermometers have become popular both at the clinics and at home in recent years because they are quick and easy (there is no need to put anything under the tongue) and they are completely non-contact, which means less equipment to sterilize. I know some people who are used to testing their temperature first thing in the morning to see if they have it COVID symptoms, so when I saw the Berrcom IR thermometer I thought it was the perfect gadget for our pandemic time. While the inventory lasts, Daily Steals offers Berrcom IR thermometer for $ 46 when using a discount code CNETBTH at the register.

It’s a CNET exclusive deal, about 42% off the regular $ 80 price tag, and is the lowest price I could find anywhere. (Amazon recently dropped the price to $ 47, so I managed to convince Daily Steals to beat it for this deal.)

This is a fairly new product, so there are virtually no reviews online, but it is listed as a “# 1 best seller” at B&H. Berrcom uses standard infrared technology to measure the temperature of the temporary artery in a radar gun-like form factor from a distance of 1-2 inches from the boiler and displays the result on a digital screen that is automatically color-coded so you know if it is out of the normal range. It also remembers the last 32 readings, and you can use the device to measure the temperature of other things as well, such as baby bottles.

This is not the only alternative to traditional thermometers. There is tympanic thermometry, for example, which uses an infrared probe in the ear canal, and axillary thermometry (under the armpit), which is mostly for infants. However, Berrcom says this boiler sensor is more accurate than methods like tympanic reading, and it is super easy to use. I definitely take one of these for myself. Goodbye, thermometer under the tongue.

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