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No Man's Sky Online was announced, coming as a free update this summer

Hello game has announced No Man's Sky: Beyond next free update for its processor-generated space exploration game. The update will consist of three components, but only one has been announced today: No Man's Sky Online . Hello Games has offered almost no details of what Online will consist of, but it annoys a "radical" new multiplayer experience.

Hello Games says the update allows "players everywhere in the universe to meet and play together." But beyond this brief page, Hello Games does not share any details on what the update will mean, except to say "the changes are an answer to how we have seen people play since the release of NEXT "the fourth major update of the game released last year.

This update NEXT has added multiplayer support for up to 1

6 players, so it is not immediately apparent which new features No Man's Sky Online will add. Despite the name, the developer is quick to emphasize that the new update will not make the game an MMO. Beyond will be released for free to existing players, and there is no subscription fee to play.

Outside No Man's Sky Online Hello Games promises that there will be another two components of Beyond although it does not disclose any further details at this time. In a node to the criticism as the level of the game at its release, the developer says it will share more "when we know we can be exact".

No Man's Sky: Beyond will be the fifth major update to the game when released this summer, after last year's NEXT update. For a more in-depth look at the changes the game has gone through since its original 2016 release, check out The Verge s 20-day travel diary for the game.

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