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No Man's Sky Beyond Teases Expanded Online Mode

Hello Games has announced its next major expansion for No Man's Sky. The update "Beyond" is slated for the summer and will be free for all players. It is led by a short trailer that shows a hanger, the title and not much more.

A blog post that introduces the update says that Hello Games had planned three major features and finally decided to roll them all into an expansion. Although two of them remain under wraps at the moment, the first component team is described as No Man's Sky Online. The newly reworked online component will allow the players to meet and play together more easily, but the studio warns that it does not consider this to be a move to an MMO. It will remain free for all players, will not include micro-transactions and need not subscribe (except for Xbox Live Gold or PS Plus on consoles).

As for the other bits of Beyond, Hi says it will "talk more about each component when we know we can be exact."

Last year, No Man's Sky had a large-scale update called Next, which served as an important review and earned a place among our best expansions of 201

8. Since then, there has been a steady stream of content updates, such as The Abyss that added more underwater and Visions survey with a variety of new biomes , flora and fauna. Past seems to be peeled in the same way as Next.

The game has come a long way from its first release, which was criticized for not completely fulfilling its high ambitions. Part of it was simply not to meet any of the campaign around the game, so the blog's comment about not opening up bits of Beyond seems like Hello has learned how to handle the expectations.

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