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No Man's Sky Beyond makes a great first impression, except for the bugs

No Man & # 39; s Sky Beyond update has the same feature for all checklists and calculator lovers out there as it always has, with much less frustration .

As annoyed as I am that I can't get into my old save for No Man's Sky right now, I also can't wait to play more. So far, I've done a lot of things I couldn't do before: I sat in chairs, watched non-playable characters walk around a space station, harvested plants that I can do for food, and upgraded my whip. All of these things are welcome, but I still haven't experienced much of the new multiplayer content due to publishing issues.

For long-time players, the new features are subtle but immediately noticeable. There is more variety in the landscapes, the animals have new behaviors and generally look more interesting and there have been some quality of life adjustments that I have wanted for several years. Before this update, any new technology modules that you added to your exosuit would take up a storage space, making it very easy to run out of storage space. Now, technical modules have their own part of the inventory that does not overlap. Finally!

If you are a newer player, Beyond makes an effort to get you up to speed. Creating recipes has been streamlined and the introductory assignments are more guided. For the first time ever No Man's Sky you show each new mechanic properly before introducing a new one. Tutorials for the opening hours have been something that Hello Games has been slowly working on since Next. The updated version of the game's opening in Beyond has finally figured out a better way to show players how to work within No Man & # 39; s Sky 's tightly intertwined system.

Since the world is not immediately open to you – you do not even have the opportunity to scan and upload plants and animals until the game learns a bit about mining – I became much less distracted. I might even have a better grip on the game's system than I did before. For starters, you just mine and collect resources. Then you refine the resources. Then you get a new tool. Rinse, repeat until you take off for the rest of the universe.

In No Man's Sky Beyond, space is now a noisy business. Although the game frames you as a crashed pilot, alone and looking for supplies, I was in a few minutes with the plane I was on as another ship – or two or three – flew overhead. Why can't I flag down one of these guys and take a trip to a trade depot?

The joy of traveling and discovering new things on your own, however, is still in No Man's Sky . Although Beyond has added a social space for multiplayer called Nexus, I couldn't think of it while playing. I checked if there were any other players nearby in the menu – there were none. When I played this morning, I took on Mitski's album Be The Cowboy. When I was brewing a tree, Mitski sang "nobody, nobody, nobody," and I was warm with contentment.

A few moments later I sat down on a hill for a pink sunrise. "I hear my heart breaking tonight," Mitski sang, "Do you hear that too? It's like a summer shower." It's weird to look for a video game for solitude and contemplation, but I'm glad I know where I can find it , if I need it.

No Man's Sky has always been a game I've loved, but not one I've known was really polished. The little changes that Beyond makes to the basic The formula is the one that finally provides a cohesion in the various parts of the game, despite the problems with crashing and the fact that I can't come back to my old home yet, Beyond is a welcome renewal for No Man's Sky [19459021

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