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No fans at stake will hit the NFL twice

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Because the NFL is rocketing toward a season with few or no fans participating in games, the league and its teams must support a double whammy when it comes to ticket sales.

First, teams will lose the face price of tickets. Second, the team will lose its piece of the resale of the same tickets.

Charles Robinson of Yahoo.com addresses this dynamic, along with an estimate from TicketiQ that the league will lose $ 7 billion if no fans participate in games this season.

It is impossible to know the full amount of the loss, as the league (as Robinson notes) does not disclose the cut the league receives from tickets resold through official partners in the secondary market.

Although NFL games generate huge amounts of money through television, more than 17 million fans attended games last year. From primary ticket sales to the secondary market to all other ways that teams make money before, during and after games, the losses will be gigantic by 2020.

At $ 7 billion, that’s $ 218 million per team. There will be more than 100 million dollars in lost player salaries and benefits, which would definitely affect the salary capacity in a significant way in the future.

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