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No. 1 Alabama vs Citadel


1; No. 1 Alabama will meet Citadel today at the Bryant-Denny Stadium in a week 12 home game. The Crimson Tide and Bulldogs will square at 11:01 CT (SEC Network).

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– Citadel wins the throw and chooses to receive the opening park.

– Citadel picks up a first down on 3rd and 3rd.

– Back-to-back third rounds on the ground for the Citadel.

– There are three straight third-down conversions for Citadel, and Bulldogs are on Alabama territory.

– Aaaaaand stretch ends of the bulldogs. The citadel comes from Alabama 40-yard line.

Lester Cotton begins on the left guard. Tua Tagovailoa begins at quarterback.

– The first time of the match comes at 5:56 in the first quarter. Tua Tagovailoa hits Jaylen Waddle for a 29-yard pickup on the third down.

– Tagovailoa keeps it for 16 meters and a first down.

TOUCHDOWN: Tua Tagovailoa to Jaylen Waddle for 21 meters.

Alabama 7, Citadel 0 (3:29)

– The Citadel breaks out for a 21-yard win to Alabama 47. Great Kind of Dylan Moses, also.


] Tagovailoa can not get the first down with his legs, so Alabama will succeed on 4th and 5th in his own 15-yard line.

TOUCHDOWN: Dante Smith becomes loose for a 45-yard rush point. #NoScoreNovember is no more.

Alabama 7, Citadel 7 (11:42)

– Jerry Jeudy Fumlar and Citadel recover. Bulldogs will take over themselves 37.

– Alabama defense responds by forcing a three-and-out. Jaylen Waddle loses the tip in the sun – one of the first restore points he has seen for a while.

– Najee Harris carries it over 40 for a 32-yard win, hurdling a defender along the way.

– Tua meets Jerry Jeudy along the Citadel sideline for a 22-yard pickup.

– Tua to Henry Ruggs III for the second 22-yards win in a row.

FIELD GOAL: A 23-yarder from Joseph Bulovas is good.

Alabama 10, Citadel 7 (4:59)

– Citadel Quests first pass on the game, and Alabama comes up with the bag.

Field goals: The citadel sets a 48-yarder through the uprights.

Alabama 10, Citadel 10 (0:00)


– Miller Forristall fumbled the first half of the second half, and Citadel takes over the Alabama 31-yard line.

– Citadel lacks a 45-yards field goal attempt. Alabama takes over himself 28.

– Tua Tagovailoa to Henry Ruggs III for a 54-yard win down to the Citadel 3-yard line.

TOUCHDOWN: Tua to Waddle for the second time today (5 meters).

Alabama 17, Citadel 10 (10:26)

TOUCHDOWN: Citadel fumbles and Anfernee Jennings return 18 meters for the score. Deionte Thompson forced it.

Alabama 24, Citadel 10 (10:14)

TOUCHDOWN: Tagovailoa to Irv Smith Jr. for the 68-yard score. PAT is not good.

Alabama 30, Citadel 10 (6:16)

Alex Leatherwood just went to the locker room. Joshua Casher is in the game on the right guard.

TOUCHDOWN: Tua Tagovailoa retains it for a lap score.

Alabama 37, Citadel 10 (1: 24)

FOURTH QUARTER [19659013] – Jalen Hurts enters the game on QB to a high ovation.

– Damien Harris rushes for a 73-yard win but is down for the game. Coach is watching him now.

TOUCHDOWN: Jalen Hurts to DeVonta Smith for 7 meters. PAT is not good.

Alabama 43, Citadel 10 (13:27)

– Deionte Thompson is in pain and has to leave the plan. He goes to the hospital tent.

TOUCHDOWN: Dante Smith does it again – this time a 44-yard TD.

Alabama 43, Citadel 17 (7:34)

– – Mac Jones and the second team's broken all look into the game.

TOUCHDOWN: Brian Robinson scores on a 2-yard rushing TD. Austin Jones Kicks PAT.

Alabama 50, Citadel 17 (4:25)

– Saban is not pleased with Eyabi Anoma, who takes up a personal foul after a third downturn.

Final: Alabama 50, Citadel 17

– Crimson Tide goes to 11-0 (7-0 SEC), next will host Auburn for their regular season finale.

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