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Nintendo adds paid membership in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Nintendo plans to launch paid subscription membership for its smartphone game Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp later this week, according to a news update in the game. The company says that a plan allows you to "appoint a happy animal to your camp master and get some extra help around the campground," while another "gets fortune cookies and stores your furniture and clothing in stock."

Nintendo released its latest mobile game, Mario Kart Tour last month with a surprisingly optional subscription: a $ 4.99 monthly "Gold Pass" that unlocks a faster speed mode and gives users access to more games items. The company says it will reveal more information about Animal Crossing membership in videos that will be released on Wednesday.

Despite the hype surrounding Nintendo's delayed decision to start making smartphone games after years of investor reasons, mobile is still a small part of the company's overall business. Nintendo does not break out specific mobile sales figures, but in its latest earnings report, revenue for mobile and IP licenses for the first half of the year amounted to 19.9 billion yen. which is up 6.4 percent year-on-year but represents less than five percent of the company's total sales.

"[Mario Kart Tour] revenue is also well on its way," President Shuntaro Furakawa told investors at the financial results statement after commenting on the game's download figures. “In addition to random articles, we have created opportunities to generate revenue such as the Gold Pass subscription to meet the needs of different customers, enabling them to enjoy the game. By including this mechanics and multiplayer functionality, we want to make it an attractive application that will be enjoyed by consumers in the long term. ”

Nintendo's mobile games have been hit and miss both in terms of quality and financial performance. , but if subscriptions are a model that proves to work, you can expect to see more of them in future titles.

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