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Nikon phases out 1-series mirror-free cameras

In a statement, Nikon told Engadget that 1 cameras, lenses and accessories are "no longer in production". You can still find 1 J5 and other models in "some regions", add it.

If this represents a full cut, the timing would be convenient. Nikon is rumored to announce two full-frame mirror-free cameras on July 23, before an August release, suggesting that the 1

line goes away to make room for new models. There is an overwhelming competition with Canon Rumors which was about a possible Canon-smooth model launch sometime between September and early 2019.

The death of 1 has been a long time in the future and would not exactly be a surprise. Like Canon, Nikon was slow to recognize the appeal of mirror-free cameras and misjudged the market as it jumped in. It placed 1 series as a high-quality point-and-shot (complete with smaller sensors and limited features) instead of DSLR Options that many wanted to effectively transfer the market to Sony. Nikon recognized this and has suggested a fundamental change of the strategy for a while – it knows it must cater to professionals and enthusiasts who want mirror-free cameras, and it has only been a matter of when the technology would be ready.

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