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Nick Cordero is likely to need a double lung transplant

Broadway actor Nick Cordero is still critically ill after battling coronavirus for three months and will probably need a double lung transplant, his wife said Thursday.

“We think this is probably the opportunity. A 99 percent chance he would need it to live the kind of life I know my husband would want to live, ”said former Radio City Rockette Amanda Kloots on CBS This Morning.

“It’s a long way away and many things have to come in line for Nick to become a candidate for it.”

Kloots also revealed that she has told Cordero that his right leg was amputated in April.

“I told him … and I told him how there are amazing dentures. And I told him that I have talked to amputees … and tried to give him encouragement,”

; she said.

Speaking to Gayle King, Kloots added that her husband was “stable” at the time.

“Nick’s body is extremely weak,” she said. “Muscles have been pursuing, so he can’t move the body yet. … He can still open his eyes, and when he is awake and awake, he will respond to commands by looking up or down, yes or no questions. “

Kloots, who shares a year-old son Elvis with Cordero, acknowledged that doctors have told her more than once that her husband would not survive.

“I believe, Gayle, that God is the only person who will decide when and if my husband goes. So I will never try to play that role … He fights. I see it every day. Nick’s doctor sees it. And as long as he is there and fighting, I will continue to fight with him. “

The dancer and the trainer admit that she is not always so positive and has had days of screams and tears but is convinced that her husband will recover.

“I tell him, I say, ‘You’re going out of this hospital, honey. I think so, I know you can … We’ll dance again. You will hold your son again,'” she said. “My line is:” Don’t get lost, get focused. “

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