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NFL Week 2 Preseason Points, Schedule, Updates: Luck Has A Fare Excursion, Flacco Effective

The second week of the NFL pre-season ends on monday night. But before moving on to the important week 3, Andrew Luck, Joe Flacco and Lamar Jackson will get their chance to shine when Colts is hosting Ravens.

We will keep you live updates throughout the game, so make sure you keep it locked here. In the meantime, you will find out the rest of the action from week 2. Thursday brought us back Tom Brady Friday gave us another glimpse of young quarterbacks like Baker Mayfield Josh Allen, Josh Rosen and Patrick Mahomes, while Saturday was about Deshaun Watson and Jimmy Garoppolo .

Browse below for the things you need to know from Monday's game between Colts and Ravens.

Scores, schedule

Washington 1

5, NY Jets 13 (songwatch)
New England 37, Philadelphia 20 (songwatch)
Green Bay 51, Pittsburgh 34 19659002] Friday
Kansas City 28, Atlanta 14 (songwatch)
NY Giants 30, Detroit 17 (box score)
Buffalo 19, Cleveland 17 (box score)
Carolina 27, Miami 20
Arizona 20, New Orleans 15 Saturday
Jacksonville 14, Minnesota 10 (Box Score)
LA RAMS 19, Oakland 15 (Flea Points)
Cincinnati 21, Dallas 13 (Flea Points)
Houston 16, San Francisco 13 (songwatch)
Tampa Bay 30, Tennessee 14 (songwatch)
Chicago 24, Denver 23 (songwriting)
LA Chargers 24, Seattle 21 (box score)

] Monday
Baltimore at Indianapolis (GameTracker, Watch ESPN)

Ugly Trip from Andrew Luck

For Andrew Luck, Forwarders The song about the process (continues to recover from debt damage that costs him throughout the 2017 season) and not at all about the results. So it's so good that after making his long-awaited return to the field during the first season, Luck started to Ravens and played for the most part in the first half.

It's also good that the results do not matter because Luck was uneven at best. He went 6 out of 13 for 50 meters (3.8 YPA), no touchdowns, a pick and a 24.5 suits rating. He was fired twice.

After Colts went three and out to start, with Luck disabling both of his passports, they resumed a fumble on the following point and set Luck up with a red zone series. Luck did not take advantage of the opportunity, without urging a passport in tight coverage, resulting in a terrible interception.

It's a good job of Luck to buy time by releasing the pocket, but oh my God, it's a terrible decision to throw the ball. By that time he just had to throw the ball out of play and settled in three points.

He slowed down slowly. On the third team of the team, Jack Doyle hit the seam of game action for a 16-yard win. Some games later, in the third and long way, he got up in his pocket and threw a ball to Doyle on the go for a first down.

The drive would stay after a few completions, but Colts managed to save the series with a field goal.

It's good to see Luck going up in his pocket, releasing the pressure, throwing himself and surviving sacks, but that's where most positive ends. Rustiness should be expected considering Luck missed a whole season and could even throw a football under a significant part of his rehab so nobody should panic. It is the preseason. It's the perfect time for Luck to work through the process of being returned with football.

Effective Excursion by Flacco

At this point in his career, Joe Flacco is what he is: an overpaid meh quarterback that probably does not come with Ravens for much longer, not after they acted to draft Lamar Jackson in end of the first round. But Flacco does everything he can to extend that inevitable for as long as possible.

I've been a Flacco critic for a long time, but I'll admit he looked really good on Monday night. He finished 7 of 9 for 72 meters (8.0 YPA), one touchdown and a 137.0 passing grade.

He started fire at the beginning of the second quarter, which led Ravens to a six-game 67-yard scoring unit. He tipped Colts defense 2 defense with a dime down to Michael Crabtree left sideline for a 29-yard finish. The location, between the back corner and the safety over the top was perfect.

And then he threw a laser in John Brown for a touchdown.

It would be his last pass of the night with Jackson replacing him with the team's next series.

Adam Vinatieri is ageless

This will be a short section, because there is only as much as anyone can say about a previous year field goal. With that said, Colt's kicker Adam Vinatieri is a timeless machine and his 57-mark field goal in the first quarter proves it.

For the record, Vinatieri is 45 years old. He will be 46 in December.

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