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NFL, NCAA will again use undrafted underclassman to scare tactics – ProFootballTalk

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Every year, college football players old enough to vote, smoke, serve in the military and in many Falling legal drink makes the adult decision to stop playing free football and try to play football for money. Although NFL and NCAA prefer to continue playing football for no pay and in many cases an education they neither want nor take seriously but instead actively work to undermine the express or implied demands of their coaches to devote maximum attention to football.

So when some of these players are inevitably not selected in a seven-round draft, the guys who are not chosen have become the warning story for next year's harvest of players who can choose to go NFL's free farming system too early.

Here is the first line of NFL.com's article about the 37 subclasses that were not drafted in 2018: "A record 106 subclass that was granted early eligibility for the 2018 NFL draft into Thursday hoping to receive the call of a lifetime, but only 69 did. "

Is it really a" life clock "if it comes around six or seven? By now, it's better to be undrafted so that the player can choose his next team instead of having his next team choose him. This allows the player, when working with his agent, to find the best place to learn, develop and finally win a spot on the 53-man roster, based largely on the existing depth chart on the player's position. 19659003] The draft has only seven rounds (down from 12 and as many as 30); a roster has 53 spots. Lots of undrafted players can and will do it in NFL. As noted last night on Twitter they were prepared quarterbacks 2003 Carson Palmer, Byron Leftwich, Kyle Boller, Rex Grossman, Dave Ragone, Chris Simms, Seneca Wallace, Brian St. Pierre, Drew Henson, Brooks Bollinger, Cliff Kingsbury, Gibran Hamdan and Ken Dorsey. Undrafted that year was a guy named Tony Romo.

So to the 37 players who were not elaborated: Do not let NFL, your college coach or anyone else let you live in regret. Be optimistic, be determined and be hopeful to get the most out of your talents on the next level as a reworked free agent. You have already decided not to spend another year playing soccer for free, so it's not like you will make any less money this year as a result of your decision to try to play in NFL.

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