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"Next development" in cheating detection wants to close monitoring cheaters for good

Surveillance director Jeff Kaplan has shown that Blizzard automatically shuts off matches if it detects a cheater.

In the latest Overwatch Developer Update Kaplan warned players that Blizzard intended to "do some things a little different this summer," including some new quality of life clothing that "improves detection" that he thinks is "next development in cheating detection in the game ".

"Now, we automatically close a match where we discover cheating is happening," says Kaplan, after confirming that the technology was already living on Private Test Server (PTR) (thank you, Eurogamer ). "We will make sure that no one on either side of the match is punished for the game to be closed.

" So if you are in a competition game, you will not lose [Skill Rating] if a cheater is on the other hand law or a cheater on your team, and very hard actions happen to that cheater, you can assure yourself. "

Kaplan did not exactly exemplify what these harsh actions will be ̵

1; or how the cheat detection system works in practice – but failing to complete a match will hopefully be strong enough to keep cheating away from Overwatch.

Wait for Overwatch Hero 31, squeeze yourself – you may have to wait a little longer than usual, that while Hero 31 is really on the way, he will be released a little later than you are used to.

"He's coming soon, so don't worry," Kaplan said. "We think that some extra time will make the hero even more amazing."

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