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New Wells does not buy Nora Twist

In the first two episodes of The Flash Season 5, Cicada was just a mysterious figure that wrapped around a magic flash bolt. But now, after The Flash Season 5, Section 3, "The Dust of Vibe", there are more clues about his power, motives and identity. This game contains spoilers.

  blitz season 5 harrison wells Never rely on Harrison Wells (played by Tom Cavanagh). CW

Who is Cicada?

Team Flash learns Cicada's civil name is Orlan. Orlan (played by Chris Klein) is a father of a daughter who is extremely ill and seems to be in coma. "She will not get out of it," says a nurse Orlan in the hospital room.

The nurse also asks about Orlan's own harm. His lung does not look right. It lights orange and looks worse than it did in a scene earlier (Cicada becomes weak after using his forces in violation of Vibe). The nurse urges him to stop what he does. "Not until I'm done," says Orlan, standing over her daughter.

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