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New Shenmue 3 Trailer Shows Off Combat

Ever since its unveiling at E3 2015, Shenmue III has had very little new information revealed about it. Aside from gaining an official release date after suffering one but two delays, publisher Deep Silver has kept the project largely away from the all-seeing public. However, new trailer shows off the game's engine and combat. And it looks pretty good

The trailer, just a little longer than two and a half in length, starts with a series of protagonist Ryo Hazuki wiped out on the floor with the mysterious girl, Ling Shenhua, kneeling over him. Some random thug with hair like a helmet, who is probably the one responsible for Ryo lying on the floor, mocks him.

The trailer then cuts to up on reports of some goons searching for something called the Pheonix Mirror. After the duo investigates some leads, we see Ryo training with some mysterious hermit familiar with his father, Iwao Hazuki. It's here where we see Ryo engaged in two battles, showing off the game's combat. It's reminiscent of early 90s / early aughts fighters like Virtua Fighter or Brawlers like The Bouncer.

Shenmue I & II launched on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on August 21, 2018. The collection coupled with the two Dreamcast classics together with HD visuals , smoother frame rates, and reduced shimmering effects. Thanks to publisher Sega and the collection's developer d3t, this Shenmue I & II collection is the best way to experience the cult classic on modern hardware.

Shenmue III is slated to launch on August 27, 2019 for the PC and PlayStation 4.

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